Monday, October 24, 2016

Celebrating Chandler's Second Birthday

What a fun couple of days celebrating our big two year old!  Chandler woke up to what has become our traditional birthday breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Brayden and Sterling loved singing to and celebrating Chandler and it was very sweet.  


The girls are always fascinated with this birthday music box

Chandler got her very own little chair!  She was definitely excited and dragged it all over the house!

It was a school day so I got everyone packed up and in the car, Chandler was excited to share a birthday with a very special friend from school.  All three of my kids absolutely adore sweet MaKenna.

Chandler and I walked across the street to the pumpkin patch after drop off.  (Chandler still points at that field and says "pumpkin, pumpkin" even though the pumpkins are now long gone!!!

Then the two of us went to the park where she enjoyed some one-on-one time with Mommy :)

And of course the day had to end with birthday cake!  For the weeks leading up to her birthday, Chandler would show us how she was going to blow out her candles so she was excited to get to do it!

The Sunday after her birthday we had a small get together for dinner to celebrate.  I have been telling people lately that Chandler is "character obsessed" she loves characters and seems to love princesses the most.  She also loves playing in dress up clothes so we decided to have a "princess party" for her. (Which basically just entailed Sterling and Chandler running around in princess dresses! And Brayden wanted no part of any kind of dress up this day!)

I just love this picture of this beautiful, sweet girl!  I wish you could see just how blue her eyes look with this blue Cinderella dress on!

What is Sterling's pose?! Ha!

Chandler just loves our sweet neighbor!

Typical Sterling!  She had a bit of a hard time watching Chandler enjoy her birthday and especially her presents!  She was pretty jealous and from what I hear she gets this from her mama!

Chandler's best girl, Blair :)  I swear they were having a good time, ha!!! 

We were so excited Granny was able to make it!

"Happy Birthday to YOU!"

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help make our girls big day extra special!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Happy 2nd Birthday Chandler Rose!

This birthday has really been getting to me the past few weeks...  Our baby turning two means that pretty much we don't actually have a baby anymore.  I have gone almost everywhere the last 5+ years with a baby on my hip and I know that season is coming to an end VERY soon.  With that being said, luckily Chandler still has a lot of baby in her and I still hold her ALOT!  Sooo, enough about me, here's what our big birthday girl is up to at TWO years old:

-She truly is part baby/part irrational toddler!  She lets me hold her and rock her every morning and night, she wants to be carried around the house half the time (usually when I am trying to do something productive such as making meals or doing laundry) and is very much a lover.  Then there are other times when she is throwing a complete tantrum that we have absolutely no idea why because she can't talk yet.  She wants to walk everywhere in public by herself and refuses to hold my hand most of the time.  She threw an epic tantrum the other day because Sterling was sitting in the yellow chair and Chandler usually sits in the yellow chair and she was MAD!!!   She threw yet another major tantrum a few days ago because I would not let her wear a bathing suit for the day!
-She THINKS she is one of the big kids.  She tries so hard to keep up with Brayden and Sterling and wants to do everything they do.  This includes the monkey bars....Brian and I have had to dart out of the house to the back of the backyard after seeing that Chandler has climbed to the top and is getting ready to do the monkey bars (which obviously would be a very bad situation being that she can't actually do the super high monkey bars by herself) When we run down there she laughs and laughs like its the funniest thing and like she knows she is totally playing us!
-She absolutely adores Brayden and Sterling.  She is always chasing after them, loves to hug and love  on them, and often cries for them/at their doors if she wakes up from her nap before them.
-Chandler is our biggest finger sucker yet, she is always sucking away on that thumb!
-Her favorite word is "BABY" and she loves her baby just as Sterling loves hers.  We have tried to keep baby just in her crib but she will pull it through the slats and if she can't do that she will stand next to her crib and cry for baby.  She walks through the house crying for baby if she can't find it and usually baby helps when she is having a meltdown.  She holds baby in one hand and automatically pops her thumb in her mouth with the other.
-She loves to read books and has lately gotten very particular with what books we read to her.  Usually if we choose her a book she'll tell us "no, no" and she will pick a book of her liking.  She is also very into characters and princesses.  If she sees another kid with a princess or character (particularly hello kitty, peppa pig, dory, or elmo) she will go up to them and point at/touch their shirt, water bottle. backpack etc. and get super excited.  She knows Elsa and Anna's names even though she has never seen the movie and will say them over and over.  
-She loves wearing dress up clothes and is OBSESSED with shoes.  Her shoes, Dress up shoes, the kids shoes, mine and Brian's shoes, she is always bringing me another pair of shoes to put on her.  
-Chandler loves animals, whenever she sees one she usually does her version of barking (whether it is a dog or not!) but she will mooo when she sees a cow
-She has been a lot more observant in the car lately (which if you know us, you know Chandler spends a lot of time in the car) Lately she has been getting particularly excited when she sees "bus, bus!" Pumpkins! and balloons (like at car dealerships and those big hot air balloons a lot of people have been using lately to advertise)
-She is like the rest of us and has a major sweet tooth
-She DOESN'T LIKE:  Swimming lessons, sharing, when she does not get her way, the word NO, when she doesn't get to wear the shoes or clothes of her choice
-Sweet girl is going through a bit of separation anxiety from her mommy right now and has been having an especially hard time going to the kids club and church nursery when the big kids are not there and just recently to her bible study class which is still new to her.  She is so pathetic and sad when she cries for her "MOMMY!!!"

Here are a few pics of our TWO year old as of lately:

She is SO ticklish!

Yes I sometimes give in and get the girl a donut at HEB

Last sleep as a 1 year old! :(

Still such a snug bug!

Happiest Birthday our Precious Chandler Rose, so glad God chose us to be your parents!!!!!