Monday, October 24, 2016

Celebrating Chandler's Second Birthday

What a fun couple of days celebrating our big two year old!  Chandler woke up to what has become our traditional birthday breakfast of pancakes with whipped cream and sprinkles.  Brayden and Sterling loved singing to and celebrating Chandler and it was very sweet.  


The girls are always fascinated with this birthday music box

Chandler got her very own little chair!  She was definitely excited and dragged it all over the house!

It was a school day so I got everyone packed up and in the car, Chandler was excited to share a birthday with a very special friend from school.  All three of my kids absolutely adore sweet MaKenna.

Chandler and I walked across the street to the pumpkin patch after drop off.  (Chandler still points at that field and says "pumpkin, pumpkin" even though the pumpkins are now long gone!!!

Then the two of us went to the park where she enjoyed some one-on-one time with Mommy :)

And of course the day had to end with birthday cake!  For the weeks leading up to her birthday, Chandler would show us how she was going to blow out her candles so she was excited to get to do it!

The Sunday after her birthday we had a small get together for dinner to celebrate.  I have been telling people lately that Chandler is "character obsessed" she loves characters and seems to love princesses the most.  She also loves playing in dress up clothes so we decided to have a "princess party" for her. (Which basically just entailed Sterling and Chandler running around in princess dresses! And Brayden wanted no part of any kind of dress up this day!)

I just love this picture of this beautiful, sweet girl!  I wish you could see just how blue her eyes look with this blue Cinderella dress on!

What is Sterling's pose?! Ha!

Chandler just loves our sweet neighbor!

Typical Sterling!  She had a bit of a hard time watching Chandler enjoy her birthday and especially her presents!  She was pretty jealous and from what I hear she gets this from her mama!

Chandler's best girl, Blair :)  I swear they were having a good time, ha!!! 

We were so excited Granny was able to make it!

"Happy Birthday to YOU!"

Thanks to everyone who took the time to help make our girls big day extra special!

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