Monday, January 17, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

On December 30th we invited our families and some friends over for a "gender reveal party". We really wanted to include everyone when we announced that we were having a boy.  It was hard for us to keep the secret, but it was worth it to see everyone's reaction. We had so much fun decorating everything with pink and blue! 

Everyone came wearing pink or blue to show what their prediction was, the blue team was quite a bit bigger!

Mia supporting team pink waiting for the guests to arrive

Team Blue!

Team Pink!

We kept the way we were going to do the big "reveal" hidden away at our sweet neigbors house.  They brought the cupcakes with the blue filling over when it was finally the time everyone had been waiting for.   Everyone grabbed a cupcake and took a bite at the same time.

The secret is inside the cupcakes!

Everyone grab a cupcake!

Think Grandma Debbie was a litte excited??

Happy Grandmas "to be"!

Brian and I feel so blessed  to be starting our family and to have such great family and friends to share the excitement with!  All of Brayden's grandparents and even some of his great grandparents came over to celebrate with us. It won't be long till we'll be celebrating his arrival!!!

Our family of  3 is getting ready to expand!

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