Sunday, July 10, 2011

My first fourth of July

We spent Brayden's first Fourth of July down in Port Aransas with Brian's parents. Brayden spent the weekend in his festive red, white, and blue and mommy had so much fun dressing him up!! He spent alot of time showing off his new trick- rolling over!!! It is so much fun to watch and I definitely scream and laugh still everytime he does it! On Monday we went over to Braydens great grandparents house in Sequin. While there Brayden put on his bathing suit and got in a baby pool for the first time!! He seemed to enjoy the relief of the cold water on a hot July day!!!  Here are some pics of the weekend:

Brian's Mamer loves the Fourth of July!  Here is Brayden with his great grandparents
Four Generations of Barron boys
Brian is such a trooper!

Brayden and the girls all conked out on the way home
Yay, my feet are big enough for shoes now!!!

First Ferry Ride!

We had to rush out of the car so we could get a quick picture!
Just chillin at the condo, I love the look on Brayden's face here!

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