Monday, August 22, 2011

4 month update

Happy 4 Months Brayden!!!

He doesn't see the needles on the table yet!
It was definitely a little strange for me this morning as all of my teacher friends were getting ready for their first day of school and I was getting Brayden ready to go to the doctor. After 6 years of teaching, it felt odd not going back but I would never have it any other way! Now my time is dedicated to only one child- my own sweet Brayden! Brayden turned 4 months last week and we went to the doctor today for his checkup and second round of immunizations. His 2 month shots didn't go very well so we prepared for the worse as we took him in this morning. He has been a little fussier than usual, crying some when he very rarely cries but has been eating and sleeping normally thank goodness. Our suspicions were confirmed when Brayden weighed in at 15.3 pounds-he has definitely been going through a growth spurt gaining almost 4 pounds in the past 2 months! He is now in the 54% for weight but only in the 16% for length at 24 inches. We told the doctor about his change in sleep patterns and he suggested trying rice cereal in the evening to hopefully help fill him up and tide him over until morning. Well he didn't have to tell me twice! During Braydens nap I put his highchair together (thankfully Uncle Keith gave us one this weekend!) and we already ran to the store to buy rice cereal. This should be interesting and all those bibs people gave us will finally get some use! Pictures to come soon!!!
So here is what the little guy is up to these days! 
*This boy is nonstop smiles all day long!  He is such a happy baby and very rarely cries.  He likes to experiment with different sounds and "talks" alot making a new sound almost everyday.  It is not hard to get him going, just smiling and kissing him gets him talking and smiling. 
Yes, that is spit-up all over his face and he doesn't seem to mind one bit!

*He is so observant and interested in the world around him.  He turns his head to noises that he hears and to watch you as you move around the room.  He often pulls off when eating because he gets very distracted by outside noises and movements.  He will also pull off just to look at me to smile and coo which is just about the sweetest thing ever! 

*He is holding his head up with no support and has such a strong neck.  Brayden is so energetic and is constantly moving his legs.  With a little support he can put most of his weight on his feet and loves to stand up and look around.  He will stand there and pick up his legs like he is walking or stomping. 

*He has started using his bouncer and he LOVES it, it's like his very own baby treadmill. His feet don't touch the ground yet so we started out with a box underneath and have moved on to a towel.  It is hilarious to watch him play and watch the expression on his face as he moves himself around.  He loves it so much that he rubbed his little pinky toe to where it bled, ALOT!!!  He has had to take a couple of days off until his toe is healed, poor guy! 

*We have started to put Brayden back down on his playmat because he is now more interested than ever in the toys that hang.  He has just started learning to grab at them and kicks them with his always moving feet.  He will just lay there and entertain himself and goo and shout to himself, it is so cute! 
*Brayden got too big for his kitchen sink bathtub so we have started bathing him in the real bathtub.  He still seems to like baths and enjoys spashing in the tub. 
There is nothing cuter than this sweet naked booty!!!

*Right around about 3 months Brayden had started sleeping through the night waking up maybe once but easily went right back down with his paci.  But... for the past two weeks, Brayden has been waking up at random hours through the night hungry and taking a full feeding.  We are assuming that it is just a growth spurt and that he will be sleeping through the night again SOON-mama misses her consecutive sleep!!  He has gotten very good about taking solid naps during the day, two good naps for an hour and a half-two hours each in his "big crib" in his room.

*Here is our current schedule:

5:30 am wake up eat and then right back down to sleep
8:30 wake up and eat again, up for the day!
8:30-9:30 playtime with mommy, he is so happy and talkative this time of the day
9:30-10:30 (most days) gym time, Brayden goes to the kids club and usually naps while mom works out, Brayden usually falls back asleep in the car on the way home
10:30-11:30 time to run errands or meet up with other moms and Braydens friends some days
11:30 lunch time!  After lunch we have some tummy time or playtime on his mat, we have also been practicing holding his toys and rattles
12:30-2:30 nap
2:30 afternoon snack, time to eat! 
3:00-4:00 playtime, singing songs, reading books and lots of talking
4:00-5:30 afternoon nap
5:30 dinner time, time to eat!
6:00 Playtime with daddy, tummy time and bouncer chair
Sometime between 6:30 and 7:30 Brayden usually has another 30-45 minute nap while Brian and I eat dinner
7:45  bathtime with daddy
8:00 final feeding of the day
8:30ish Bedtime

Brayden has completely changed our lives and added so much to our little family.  We never knew we would be this in love with him!  We were talking this weekend with some family, and I heard Brian say that he can't remember what are lives were like before him.  We both agree that we must have been pretty bored but very well rested!  Here are just a few more pics from this month:

Checking out a pretty older girl!!!
I love his face in this one!

Brayden always has his hands in his mouth, could teeth be coming???  

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