Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Half Birthday to Brayden!!!

Brayden's official six months was on the 18th but we didn't get in to the doctor until today and I wanted to wait and include his six month stats.  I CANNOT BELIEVE that our sweet baby boy is 6 months old, not a newborn, an infant, and before long he will be a toddler!  I always hear people say how fast time flies, cherish this time, blah blah blah, but they were right!  It is unbelievable how quickly time is going and how fast our Brayden is growing.  Last month I didn't think that Brayden had very many changes going from 4 months to 5 months but going from 5-6 months there are so many changes!  This is definitely my favorite stage so far, Brayden is so alert and just so much fun to be around.  It is hard to be with him and to not have a huge smile on your face!  Here are some of the major changes we have made over the past month:

*Good bye paci!  We have been pacifier free for over a month now and we are all happy campers, especially mommy!
*Brayden is now sleeping in his crib in his own bedroom!  On the day we decided to get rid of the paci, we also chose to unswaddle his arms and put him in his own room- I know that's alot of change for one day!  I have to say it is still a little sad for me in the mornings to not have him laying there in the pack n play beside me.  I didn't realize how much I cherished waking up to that sweet innocent face every morning, I know it is still there just on a monitor instead of lying there beside me.  He is doing great in his own room and did not have any trouble with this transition.
*We are still rocking the half swaddle most of the time but have started putting him down for naps without it
*We switched Brayden from his carrier to a big car seat.  He was getting miserable in his carrier and we figured it was because he was getting a little too big and cramped in his old chair.  He literally cried everytime we would strap him in, he is doing quite a bit better now as he has more room and can see much more.  Don't get me wrong though, he would definitely rather not be in the car seat or the car as these are some of his least favorite things!!!
*Along with getting him out of the carrier, we took the connection for the carrier off of the stroller so now Brayden is riding in the stroller seat.  I thought he would be really excited and looking all around but he does not show much expression riding in the stroller, maybe there is just so much going on he is just taking it all in!!!
*We just started giving Brayden solid foods.  We had to give him prunes a couple of times before six months (use your imagination why!) we have now given him bananas, which he loved and also sweet potatoes.  I am giving it a go making our own baby food, so far so good!  We will see how long this lasts!
*Brayden is taking a six ounce bottle of formula before I nurse him at bedtime each night.  He had been waking up all night to eat so we figured we would try and fill him up as best as we could, so far is seems to be working!

Here are some changes we have noticed in Brayden:
*When you carry Brayden he will hold on to you now, which does not sound like much but to me it is the most wonderful feeling!
*He is a rolly poly!  He is constantly rolling in both directions.  We have found that Brayden would much rather be on his stomach than on his back and when we place him on his stomach he is very quick to get on his tummy.  He just started rolling over in his crib and sleeping on his side and stomach.  The first couple of times he did it he cried but seems to like it now.
*This boy still never stops moving!  When he is laying on his stomach, he is like a little airplane ready for take off.  He sticks his arms out, picks his legs off the ground and kick, kick, kicks!!!  We think it won't be long till he figures out how to crawl so we are trying to enjoy this "stationary" stage while we can!
*One of my favorite things is the look of recognition on Brayden's face when he sees Brian and I or when he hears our voices.  He immediatlely smiles, and sometimes buries his head bashfully :)
*He is definitely a thumb sucker!  I am actually very excited about the thumb sucking because he has figured out how to soothe himself with the thumb.  He will wake up in the middle of the night and start to fuss but will quickly find his thumb and fall right back to sleep.  Also, in the car on the way back from Dallas this weekend he sucked his thumb frequently instead of crying.  I am not complaining with this new development because it has meant dramatically more sleep for both of us!

6 month stats
Weight:  18 lb 1 oz 56%
Height:  26.3 In 38%
Here are some of Braydens favorite things at 6 months:
*Brayden still LOVES his bouncer.  He would probably bounce all day if we would let him.  It is HILLARIOUS to watch him when he really gets going in this thing.  He goes crazy bouncing and screaming and smiling.  He is so adorable and it is really nice how he easily entertains himself. 
*Brayden loves anything he can put into his mouth but especially Mr. Giraffe
*Mia!  He LOVES his puppy!  He watches her constantly and will smile and laugh at her.  He has gotten a couple of good handfuls of her hair and she is being surprisingly patient!

Here are some of my favorite pics from this month:

First time in his stroller, doesn't he look so excited??

Ready for takeoff!!

I think he has offically grown out of this toy!!
Help please!
What would we do without this bouncer!

Brayden's new "big boy" car seat seems pretty comfy!
Who knew thumb sucking could be so cute????

I love this!

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