Friday, July 19, 2013

Happy Fourth of July from Port A!

What an eventful couple of days we have had down in Port A for the Fourth!  It was great to be able to go down for longer than a weekend and we were able to have lots of fun and relaxation too!!!

Brian and I, 2 kids, 2 dogs, and all of our stuff for the week=FULL CAR!!!
We started out our first day going to the aquarium with friends and the kids had the best time!!!  Here are some pics of these 2 cuties:


They loved the turtles!

I think this was after we all got soaking wet watching the dolphin show!

The splash pad area was a hit, the kids got to cool off and had lots of fun playing in the water!

Crazy man was just running around from one thing to the next!
After a picnic lunch, we packed up and headed back to Port A...

Can you tell they were exhausted!?
The rest of the time we were there we spent ALOT of time swimming.  Brayden becomes more brave and has more fun each time we go.  It helped that his two buddies Colten (11) and Cooper (8) were there because Brayden wanted to do everything they were doing!  By our last night he was running, jumping, and even falling backwards into the pool like the boys were doing!  

The guys and their kiddos
S girl was sleeping soundly poolside :)
Brayden having some of Colten's powerade, looking at me like don't even think about taking this from me mom!!!

We spent the Fourth BBQing and celebrating our friend Dena's birthday.  

Mommy's sweet girl
I love that these two have the same look!  Both of them getting something good to eat!!!

Colten did great holding S!
Brayden got to see his first Fourth of July fireworks display this year!  We were unsure if he would like it because of the noise and thought he might be scared.  Wrong!  He loved it and is still talking about them saying "kaboom" and "cool"!!
Waiting for the fireworks to start

Brayden was sad to leave but sweet boy was oh so worn out!  His sleep schedule was totally off and he had a horrible diaper rash from spending so much time in his swimsuit!   What a great holiday week with friends!   

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