Wednesday, August 7, 2013

July 2013

We had a busy July!  here are some pics to help sum up the month!
We started July out taking care of Aunt Christi's dog Nash while she was on vacation.  The kids loved having him here and Mia loves having her buddy around!
These next two pics crack me up!  They are both really studying each other!!!

I think this is the first time Nash has ever seen crayons!  He thought they were  a toy or something to eat much like he does with all of the kids toys!  Brayden had SO much fun throwing the ball playing fetch with Nash

I love this!  They are both so tired and look around them at all of the  dog toys!!
Brayden STILL wants to play in this silly bouncer!  Look at Sterling in the background like "what in the world is he doing!?"
Spent a morning at kiddie park with friends:


Girlfriend's first time on a carousel!  Also my first time wearing S in the Ergo baby, she did great!
We took the kids to the Natural Bridge Caverns Safari, Brayden loved the animals!!!  They ate right out of our hands and it was so cool!

Brayden's favorite part was sitting in the front seat and "driving"

He just ran from goat to goat at the petting zoo
Brayden has started "helping" get Sterling up in the morning.  Luckily she doesn't get upset she just looks up at him smiling, like what in the world is this kid doing!??!

I LOVE that Brayden still loves to sit with us and cuddle!!!  He is such a lover :)

On to an even busier August!!!!

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