Friday, March 18, 2011

And we have a nursery!

Where do I start?  So many exciting things have been happening the past couple months!  Last week  we went in for our 31 week appointment.  Things continue to look good!  I had my glucose test done and everything came back normal-thank goodness!  Brayden is doing well and is already in the head down position, now if he would just stay that way!  We will keep on going to see the doctor every other week for the next couple of weeks and then start our weekly visits the beginning of April.  Last Monday we also got to go in for the hospital tour of the labor and delivery wing.  It was both of our first time in the hospital and it was really exciting to see where Brayden is going to be born. It was really good to get a better picture in our heads of where we are going to be and what is actually going to happen when I deliver.  The hospital is super nice, and surpisingly calm and quiet.  There was even a sweet newborn in the nursery that night-exciting!

So, up until now there has been nothing in Braydens room to make it look like a nursery.  Well not anymore!  My best friend Allie came in on Monday to paint one of his walls.  To say it looks awesome is an understatement!  She is so talented and gave us the best present by painting his room.  I know that Brayden is just going to love it!!

Baby B along with some of baseball's greats!  21 was Brian's baseball number.
   It was great to get to spend some time with Allie and Tavia for a couple of days during our Spring break. We are so thankful to Allie for taking time out of her break to come and help us.  We just keep on going back into his room to admire it!

 To make things even more exciting, our crib came in yesterday too!  Brian and our neighbor Tre put it together last night and it is perfect!

The picture does not do this beautiful crib justice!  It is an antique brown iron crib and I love it!!

 Now we are just waiting on the bedding and other odds and ends to come in to get the nursery ready before Braydens big arrival!  We are super excited to get our maternity pictures taken next Tuesday.  I found an awesome photograper and can't wait to get them done, Mia even gets to come and be part of the action!  Only 53 days to go!!!!!!!

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