Thursday, April 14, 2011

36 weeks...almost there!

Last week at our Dr. appointment we got some exciting news, I am already 1 cm. dilated!  When we went back for our 36 weeks this week they informed me that I am still 1 cm.  It is exciting for me to think though that the labor process is slowly but surely starting for us!  The doctor says that everything is looking good and that Brayden is still in the right position-head down. 
The nursery is also starting to finally take shape and it seems like things are being delivered everyday.  It feels so cozy and sweet in there that I just want to go in and hang out!  I think that Brian got the fatherly nesting instinct last weekend because he went a little crazy cleaning!  He cleaned out two closets that were way too full, did paint touch ups on a couple of walls, and put together one of Braydens swings.  It is so sweet how excited he is too and how involved he has been getting Brayden's baseball nursery together.  On the not so positive side, my right foot and ankle have taken on a life of their own!  This is one wacko pregnancy symptom I could definitely live without!  By the end of the day that foot and ankle look like that of a 400 pound woman-no joke!  Brian even has a nickname for it and calls it "the club".  He has a funny caveman impression that he does when making fun of my poor foot-how sweet!!!  Besides that and the need to pop several tums a day, I am feeling great.
My awesome team at school threw me a baby shower on Monday after school.  We got lots of cute clothes and books that I can't wait to read to Brayden.   It is hard to believe that I only have 9 days of teaching left and then I start my semi-retirement!  I will definitely miss my friends at school and all of the kids but am looking forward to spending all my time with my family.
Less than 4 weeks to go!!!!

Brian and I at a wedding this past weekend, 36 weeks

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