Tuesday, May 24, 2011

One Month Already!

One month
Our sweet baby Brayden is already a month old, time flies so fast!  So people have been asking me recently "are you getting bored?".  I laugh because I am busier now than I have ever been and can barely get the bed made let alone take a shower and get ready for the day! Keeping up with Brayden and Mia are enough to keep me busy all day!  It is amazing how much he has already changed in just a short month, here is what Brayden is up to these days:

  • It is amazing how strong his little neck is, he is much less fragile and can hold his head up for long periods of time and look around the room.  He often turns his head to find Mia when he hears her barking, which many of you know happens a lot!
  • He can finally hold eye contact with you and really stares into your eyes and studies your face
  • He is sleeping 3-4 hours at a time during the night and has even blessed us with a 5 hour stretch once or twice (which I woke up completely freaked out and checked to make sure he was still breathing!!)
  • He is still wearing newborn clothes but he is filling them out a lot better, he is now fitting in regular diapers and not leaking through countless diapers a day!
  • Brayden is eating well, this baby is having no problem putting on weight! Most of it is collecting in his  chubby chin and cheeks.  We don't officially know how much he weighs right now but Brian just weighed himself and then weighed himself holding Brayden and he was 9 pounds heavier-so we are guessing he is around 9 pounds!  This is great weight gain considering 3 weeks ago at his 2 week appt. he weighed 7 pounds 2oz!
  • Brayden is experimenting with many different facial expressions that make us laugh because he looks so silly
  • And I saved the best two for last...
  • After over a month of sleeping in his car seat (that is the only place we could get him to sleep) he has spent the last three nights sleeping in the pack n play beside our bed-yeah!! It is so much easier for mommy to carry just Brayden into the nursery for diaper changes than having to lug that car seat all through the house!  Brayden is sleeping swaddled up, with a pacifier in the vibrating pack n play.
  • For the past couple of weeks we have thought, "did he just smile at me?"  And, "I swear he was just smiling" but it is so hard to tell and you always hear people say "oh, its just gas!".  But just yesterday, Brayden definitely without a doubt looked into my eyes and smiled!!!!  Talk about melting your heart!  I can't wait to see years and years more of those sweet smiles :)
Now here are some of Brayden's favorite things...

  • Chillin in his lounger

  • Spending time with visitors

My Grandma came to visit from Dallas and held me the whole time!
My Great Grandparents came for a visit!
  • He is starting to enjoy baths more, here he is all snuggly right after his bath

  • Practicing facial expressions, silly boy! 

  • Hangin with mommy and Mia

  • Hangin with Daddy and Mia

  • Playing on his play mat- He can actually focus on and swat at the little animals

  • Suck on his paci (and hallelujah for pacifers by the way!:) )

Love my Bevo!

Feel so blessed to have this little guy in our lives!

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  1. He is so precious! Enjoy this time now because they sure grow fast! Your family is absolutely gorgeous and u are blessd! :)