Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Newborn Pictures

Here are Brayden's newborn photos taken when he was just nine days old.  The photographer that we used likes to get them in early when their umbilical cord is still hangin on.  It is hard to believe that Brayden was ever this small and that he is growing SO fast!! He has already almost doubled his weight since these pictures were taken. Brayden was in the nude all morning for these pictures and we definitely went through several blankets and towels cleaning up all his little messes!  It is a good thing Brian had an extra shirt in his car because I had to wear it home and take my tank home in a little plastic bag along with all the other soiled garments!  It is amazing how cooperative newborn babies can be and will mold to any position you put them in.  We had a blast getting these pictures taken and just looked on in awe of our sweet new son.  Enjoy!

I love the look on his face here

One of my favorites!!!

I am pretty sure this is right before he filled up daddy's glove with a wet mess!!!

I love the almost grin in this one, this is the picture that we ordered a huge one of to put in his baseball themed nursery.

This just melts my heart :)

Look at this little tiny body and head!

Our new little family, we had just made it through our first week of being parents!

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