Tuesday, September 27, 2011

5 month update

So, I was looking back at Brayden's 4 month stats and not too much has changed this month. Here is what Brayden is up to these days:

*He is now putting EVERYTHING in his mouth!!!  It does not matter what you give him, he will indefintely find a way to get it into his mouth!  This leads to alot of drool and a lot of burp cloth usage!
*Brayden has gotten really, really good at grabbing and holding on to things.  We had been practicing like crazy and he finally got it!
*This boy is so funny!  He screams and "talks" all day long!  It is really funny to hear all of his new noises, and you can tell by the look on his face that he is really proud of himself. 
*He is laughing out loud!!!  He only started within the past couple of weeks and it is the most adorable thing ever!  I literally give myself a headache going on and on doing whatever it is that makes him laugh!  It is funny though, something will make him laugh at you one day and the next day-nothing!  He laughs at peek-a-boo, when you tickle his tummy and chin, and sometimes he laughs when he watches Mia (I think that her tail is funny to him).
*We think that Brayden has ADD-seriously!!!  Most of the time I have to feed Brayden in a dark, quiet room because he gets so distracted and wants to look around instead of eat!
*Brayden still loves bouncing in his bouncer, check out the pic of him after he fell asleep in it the other night-too sweet!
*Brayden LOVES his daddy!  From the moment daddy gets home from work, Brayden is no longer interested in me-mom.  He literally just stares at Brian and waits for him to look at, smile, or talk to him.  When he does, Brayden will SMILE or scream and talk to him.  It is so sweet, and Brian is the best dad ever.  He is still giving Brayden his bath every night and gets him in his PJ's and ready for bed every night.
*Brayden is still eating his rice cereal twice a day, 2TBS mixed with about 2 ounces of formula.  Most days he finishes the whole bowl.  He really likes to "help" hold the spoon which leads to an even bigger mess but it helps make him eat faster!  If we put the bowl and spoon up to his mouth, he likes to stick his tongue in and lick it up like a pup- also creating a huge mess!!!
*Brayden had his first plane ride!  We went on a trip with Brian's family to Colorado, I will blog on this alone because we did so much in 8 days!
*Since coming back from vacation we are trying a new feeding schedule.  Brayden was consistently not eating well a couple of times during the day so we decided to get rid of a feeding.  We are aiming to feed him at 8:30, 12:30, 4:30, 8:30 and then somewhere between 4:30-5:30 in the morning. This will bring Brayden down from 7 feedings a day to hopefully 5, fingers crossed at 6 months I'll be letting you know how great this is going! 
*We are just now starting the process of getting rid of the pacifier...Brayden still wakes up all hours of the night when his paci falls out and needs someone to pop it back in his mouth-resulting in not very much sleep for anyone!  So far there has been alot of crying, again fingers crossed that we can be rid of the paci without too many sleepness nights!

I was telling Brian that I feel like a slacker mom this month, I have taken very few pictures of little man recently... Here are just a couple favorites from this month:

All played out!

I love this sweet smile!!!!

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