Tuesday, September 6, 2011

A week of Rice Cereal...

As soon as the pediatrician gave us the go ahead, I ran out and bought Brayden some rice cereal.  I was so excited to feed him real food and was also anticipating great outcome:  back to sleeping through the night!!!  We of course made sure to document all of the fun Brayden had!


Sitting in his brand new high chair, he can't hide his excitement!!!

Here we go, clean new highchair, brand new bib, first bite...

You would think that I was physically harming him, this stuff tastes horrible!!!

Are we finished yet!?

Maybe if I pretend to fall asleep I won't have to eat anymore

Hey give me the spoon, I got this!
The rice cereal won!
But by Friday
We still had a mess, there was rice cereal literally on every body part!

Full Tummy, Happy Baby!!!

By the end of the first week, Brayden was eating his whole bowl of rice cereal (only 1TBS of cereal and an ounce of formula).  Now that we are through 2 weeks of the excitement that is cereal eating, Brayden is eating 2 TBS of rice cereal twice a day.  Most days he takes it like a champ although most days he is also wearing about half of it!  He is actually making more of a mess now because he likes to stick his fist in his mouth full of cereal and then spread it all around anything in sight.  It has been a fun introduction to solid foods, can't wait till 6 months when we can give him food with actual flavor!  Oh, and I forgot to mention that the rice cereal definitely has not helped our sleeping issues but we will keep on plugging away!

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