Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sweet sick baby

Brayden has had his first non immunization induced fever today. I felt so bad for him this morning, he was whiny and whimpering and it was so sad! But then there is all of the snuggling and he is being the cuddliest baby ever! Brayden had gotten to the point where being held he never really sits still. He is just too busy and alert to be rocked and held still. Today he has wanted to spend the day being held and he even let me rock him to sleep. Sitting there rocking my sweet, sleeping baby boy felt so good! It made me realize how big he is getting and that I better soak up every last moment like this. All of that being said, I really hope this is just a 24 hour thing and that Brayden feels much better soon and is back to his squirmy happy self.:)

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