Wednesday, January 4, 2012

8 and a half months

I have gotten way behind since we were so busy with the holidays!  Brayden is changing everyday and is doing so much these days! It is crazy for me to think that we were just finding out our little baby was a boy at this time last year-time sure flies! Here is what he has been up to the past month and a half...

*About 2 weeks after his first tooth came in, its neighbor came in right behind it.  His smile has officially changed and you can see those little chompers now!:)  I think one of the ones on top looks like it is coming in too, hopefully it comes in quick because he is a little fussy poor guy!
*This has got to be the happiest baby that ever lived!  He is all smiles almost all of the time and it is so adorable.  It is also really easy to make Brayden laugh now which is a lot of fun for us too!
*After quite a long journey of planks and push ups this guy has been full on crawling for almost a month now!  He is pretty speedy when he gets his eye on something that he wants (usually the remote control, someones ipad or phone!) He has just realized that he can now crawl out of a room and into another, needless to say we officially have our hands full! We literally have to have our eyes on him every single second that he is awake because he is everywhere and into everything!  He loves getting into Mia's toys and water bowl, gross!
*Pretty quick after he started crawling, he realized that he could go from his tummy to sitting on his bottom.  This is a really cool stage because he can crawl over to whatever he wants to play with and then plop down and play all on his own.  It is amazing how much independence that he has now that he can do so much on his own.  He is really content sitting around playing with his toys and entertaining himself which is really nice for us.
*For about the past two weeks-since right before Christmas, Brayden has been pulling up to standing on anything he can find.  This also comes with ALOT of head bumps on our hard tile floor-ouch!  It is so cute to come into his room and find him standing up in his crib waiting for us!
*He can crawl up the two stairs in our game room, it is so cute seeing those little short legs trying to get up the step!
*We are officially on the last height setting on his bouncer, won't be long till Brayden is too big for his favorite toy :( the good thing is that he is not quite as interested in it since he is so mobile now!
*Brayden still likes any toy that he can fit into his mouth and any toys that light up or make noise.  He likes to be startled with a game of peek-a-boo or simply by surprising him.  This almost always gets a guaranteed laugh and it is hilarious!
*Brayden still has a nice healthy appetite.  He is nursing 5 times a day, eating a solid "meal" twice a day and has recently started getting a "snack" twice a day as well.  We just started giving him baby yogurt and he LOVES it!  We still can't believe how fast he scarfs it down!  His favorite fruit is definitely still bananas and he his favorite veggies are sweet potatoes and butternut squash.  I think this baby has a sweet tooth like his mom and dad :)
*He is also sleeping pretty good as well.  We generally put him down about 7:30 and I get up with him anywhere between 3 and 6 to nurse and put him right back down.  Then he is up around 8:30 for the day.  A couple of nights recently he has slept through the night to 7:30 am.  I am hoping we will see more of these nights soon!!!  He still takes two naps a day, one in the morning and one in the afternoon both for 1 1/2-2 hours. 

Here are some of my favorite pictures from this month, I am going to do a separate post for Brayden's first Christmas.

If you look close you can see those teeth!


playing "attack"

He will stare at himself in the mirror and then get a little closer and give kisses!

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