Friday, January 20, 2012

Brayden's first Christmas

To say that this was our best Christmas ever would be a huge understatement!  Enjoying our sweet baby during Christmas is truly the biggest blessing we could ever ask for and made the season so much more magical!  We were super busy over the holidays but got to spend alot of great quality time with family :)  To start the holidays, Brayden's grandma and grandpa from Duncanville came to spend the weekend before Christmas with us.  It was so nice that they drove down and spared us having to make the trip up with with Brayden.  Brayden loved spending time with them and really loves the wagon they brought him!!!  He loves going for walks in it and just looks around taking it all in.  

Brayden really checkin out the wagon...

Christmas Eve morning we went over to Brian's Aunt Becky and Uncle Sandy's for a "cowboy breakfast", it was fun but super COLD!!!  That night we went to Christmas Eve mass with my dad.  Grandpa held Brayden most of the time during church and he did SO good!  There was so much for him to look at to keep him entertained.  Brian and I decided we would start the tradition of letting Brayden choose a gift to open every Christmas Eve, so before dinner we let Brayden open his first Christmas gift.  He had been going after and messing with the presents underneath the tree all month so he looked really excited when we actually let him play with and finally open one!!!

Daddy helping Brayden open his first of many gifts!

Now here are a bunch of pics from Christmas morning at our house.  Brayden seemed to enjoy opening presents, especially enjoying playing with the wrapping paper and boxes! 

Our first year with the addition of a 3rd stocking

Our house, Brayden's first Christmas
I fed Brayden before we came out and opened presents, Daddy had the camera ready for when Brayden came out and saw all of his presents
I have always had this vision of my kids looking down at the Christmas tree from upstairs before they run down to open gifts!  I would like for this to be a picture that we take every year, it couldn't have turned out more precious :)

He had just started pulling up right around Christmas, here he is peaking out from the other side of the coffee table
First thing, Stockings!!!

Brayden loves his new "Mia Dog", I am thinking that Mia loves it too!  Thanks Aunt Laura and Uncle Brandon!

He was excited about his new basketball set!!!
We spent the majority of the morning at our house and after we finished unwrapping presents we let Brayden play with his new toys for a while.

Next, we packed up our car and headed out to Fair Oaks for the rest of the day.  First stop Grandma and Papa Barron's house.  Brayden had so much fun playing with his grandparents and his especially his Aunt Christi and Uncle Keith.  He got to open alot more presents and became tired and a little cranky about half way through.  We put him down for a nap but I think he was just too excited to sleep because his nap didn't last too long!  Mid afternoon we went over to my Aunt and Uncle's house right down the street to visit with my Dad an his family for a bit.  Unfortunately by this time I think Brayden had been stretched to his limits and was very fussy!  It had already been a long day for him and I think that he had had enough!  We headed back to Brian's parents house to try and put him back down for another nap and we ate dinner while he slept. 

I LOVE this picture, so sweet!!! Here Brayden is opening his stocking that his Grandma worked long and hard to make.  I wish I had a better picture but it is Santa carrying a great big bag of Mia puppies-so cute!

I couldn't believe it but this is the ONLY picture of the three of us on Christmas day!

Such a cute pic of Brayden and Uncle Keith

Brayden in his Santa diaper!  Grandma helping to make sure he doesn't fall playing with the toy that Aunt Christi gave him
After a long day this baby was worn out and ready for bed!!!

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