Friday, January 27, 2012

9 month wellness visit

I know to some this may seem like incredibly boring information but I just don't want to forget anything about little B's little years!  We went to see the doc for his 9 month checkup and had a pleasant surprise when we got there-no shots!!!  I had just assumed that Brayden would need another round of vaccinations but apparently he won't need them again until his 1 year-whoo hoo!!!  It was a quick and easy visit, got some questions answered, got the little guy weighed and checked out and we were on our way!  Here are Brayden's stats at 9 months +
Length:  27.8 inches 29th %
Weight 21.1 ponds 56th%
Head circumference:  83rd % (he must have a big ol brain like his mommy!)

So we are finished with the Dr. for another 3 months (hopefully)... Here are some pics from Wed:

What?  I would be crying if you laid me naked on a scale in front of everyone to see too!!!

We love Dr. Scholshberg!!!

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