Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Christmas/Family Pics

I had really been looking forward to sending out Christmas cards for the first time this year.  Unfortunately, I had the WORST luck finding and nailing down a photographer to get our pictures done!  Luckily our very sweet friend Kim came to the rescue and took some great pics for us to cherish!  She is so talented and not only took our pictures but also created our Christmas cards as well.  Brayden was so cooperative, smiled like crazy, and was very photogenic this day.  I am so happy with the pictures, she captured so many of Brayden's faces and looks that we love so much.  Here are some of... Okay a lot of my favorite pictures!  Enjoy!:)

He only ate a few sticks during the shoot!
This may be the first pic of just Brian and I in about 8 months!
Brayden's signature sneaky little smile :)

I love this pout!  He's like mom please let me eat another stick!
Christmas card 2011
Definitely a fave and a framer!  Doesn't get much sweeter than this!!!

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