Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Lake Tahoe Trip

We just got back from an amazing to trip to Tahoe.  Brian and I went with his family about 6 years ago before we were married and had not been back since.  Tahoe is absolutely one of the most beautiful places I have ever been and it has so much to do!  It is awesome to have so much to do during the day and then gambling at night!  We went with Brian's parents, his brother and sister, and some family friends of the Barron's. It was especially a great trip because Brian was able to get away from work for a couple of days and he has been working like crazy lately.  I think this trip was really good for him to relax... and even better there is no cell service on the top of the mountain-haha!!!  This was Brayden's second time to fly and he did even better this time than last!  He had so much fun on the plane climbing all over his seat looking at the people in front of and behind him.  He was quite loud on the way home, not crying but happily screaming-my apologies to the people around us!:)  We tried as hard as we could to keep him on schedule with the two hour time change but his schedule was totally whack by the time we left there!  No worries though, after a couple of days he was back to normal and on a very predictable schedule once again.  Brayden did not get out of the room much because most of the time we were there it was pretty cold and there was a biting wind!  It was so nice to have all of the family there to play with and help babysit so Brian and I could get out some. We are so lucky to have such great babysitters!:) 
The last time that we went to Tahoe was my first time to ever see that much snow and also my first time to try snowboarding.  After that trip I swore I would never do it again!  The first time I tried I had a really rough time, spend my day with my face in the snow, and came back on the gondola with tears in my eyes and icicles in my eyelashes (true story!).  So, when we planned this trip I had my mind made up I would be staying away from the snow!  Well I changed my mind and tried again this year.  I had a much better experience and absolutely loved it!! We had so much fun, I fell ALOT less, and actually got better as the day went on!  I can't wait to go back and do it again! Anyway here are some pics from the trip, mainly Brayden getting to enjoy spending time with family :)
Brayden is obsessed with ipad's, Papa is about the only one that will let Brayden play with his!!
WOW Uncle Keithy that is a full BEARD!!!

Keith, Christi, Eddie, and I tried out ice skating one afternoon, it was FREEZING!!!  It was so much fun and we definitely had some good laughs as one of us had a little more trouble than the rest (I won't mention any names!:)

Ready to Skate!

Our last day we took a drive around the lake and made some stops for photo ops... This place is GORGEOUS!
We bundled up little B nice and warm, he was a very good trooper!

He seemed really interested in the ducks

LOVE this pic, although it makes me sad that my little boy looks so big :(

Favorite babysitters! 

All of us minus Keithy, he had to go back a day early for work :(
I always like to save my favorite pictures for last... Words don't even do this kind of sweetness justice

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