Friday, January 20, 2012

Brayden is 9 months old!!!

Happy New Year 2012 <Brayden :)
There have not been too many changes in the 2 short weeks since my last post.  Here is what our sweet baby has been up to at 9 months:

*He waves!  He started waving on New Years Day when he waved at his Papa Barron for the first time.  It is just the most adorable thing to see the smile on his face and his little arm in the air trying to wave!  Now we are working on clapping his hands!
*He got his top two teeth!  He got his top right tooth about two weeks ago and just a few days later it's neighbor cut through as well so now Brayden is sporting all four of his front teeth.
*This baby is EVERYWHERE!  When he is awake he is literally never sitting still!  We spend our days chasing him around the house and trying to keep him from falling and hitting his head.  He is really exploring his surroundings!  Here are some pics of his latest adventures:

This is usually the view that we have of Brayden
Pausing for a short break...
He decided to take a trip behind the couch

It's a long way!
I love this face, like he is thinking "okay where am I"!

Crawling under the kichen table...
Don't you just want to squeeze those chunky legs??

SO in LOVE with this angel face!!!

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