Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Brayden at 13 months/May 2012

This sweet baby is changing so much everyday and I want to make sure I document it all so we don't forget a thing!!!  Brian and I both agree that Brayden is getting more and more fun everyday, he is able to do more and now that he is walking he is a very happy baby!  Here is a little of what Brayden is up to at 13 months+:
*We are down to one nap a day now.  I was dreading going from two naps down to one but now it is so much easier.  Brayden generally goes to bed about 7:30 and wakes up between 6:30-7:30 and he takes about a three hour nap right after lunch around 12:30.  It is so much nicer now because we are able to spend longer periods of time away from the house so we are able to do more!
*This boy is  a GOOD eater!  He will eat pretty much anything you put in front of him and eat and eat and eat!  He has also done great switching over from the bottle to the sippy, we are down to one bottle a day now (before he goes to bed at night) but that will soon be gone as well.
*His favorite thing to do these days is WALK!  All he wants to do is walk around the house, pick up toys or other household objects and walk around holding them or hitting things with them.  He will make circles through our house, stopping along the way to empty out a drawer or laundry basket.  The other day he came walking into the living room carrying my body wash which was indeed open and being held upside down, he definitely made a little trail as he went-totally my fault I know!
*Brayden loves to play in any water, whether it be the dog bowl, the bathtub, a puddle, or the swimming pool he loves to splash splash!  When he is in the swimming pool half the time he spends trying to drink the water and in return lots of coughing and sneezing!
*He is still in LOVE with his sister (our dog) Mia!  He deliberately picks up her bone and walks around the house with it because he knows that she will chase him barking.  He also loves to pet her and lay his head on her (when she allows it which is pretty rare!)  We think that Mia secretly likes it when Brayden "plays" with her because she will put her bone or ball right in front of him to grab and then barks her tail off!
*He loves his car (which we call the "crazy coupe" round here!) and love, loves his chair which he climbs all over!  He also really likes to play with his plastic golf set, he even hits the ball sometimes (whether its by accident or not, we aren't sure!)
*He babbles all the time but we really don't have any idea what he is saying!  He isn't saying any new words that we know of and his favorite word is ball.
*Brayden loves to climb things especially up stairs, his chair, and up on the fire place

Here are some pictures of our sweet Brayden from this month :)
Pure sweetness 
pushing around the crazy coupe!

This was the day he started walking


LOVES his own chair

Loves his Aunt Sarah and Cousin Choe

After digging in and proceeding to eat dirt


Oh!  And he figured out how to take off his diaper-uh oh!!!

Nothin cuter, naked baby booty!

Our little fish, look at that SMILE!!:)

There's that cheese face :)

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  1. Such a sweet boy! Love that he plays in the dog bowl- Andrew still does that!