Sunday, September 2, 2012

Welcome September!

So August has officially been the longest and busiest month of my life!  I am just so relieved that September is upon us!  Here is what happened with Barron's this August...
We were happy to have sold our house after just over four months on the market (beginning of August).  We were a little frazzled to realize that the home buyers wanted to close in two weeks... Enter in a mad rush to pack our 5 BR house in 2 weeks, find a place to store belongings, hire movers,  and oh the important task of finding a place to live for the next 4-5 months while our new home is being built! Needless to say, Brian and I were slightly on edge for a couple of weeks as we tried to get everything done and all the while try to entertain an extremely energetic one year old!  So moving day came August 18th, we had our whole house packed and ready to be moved into storage.  We had chosen what we thought we might need in the upcoming months and had it packed separately.  We threw away ALOT of junk (how did we collect that much stuff in just under three years?)!  Moving went surprisingly smooth and we were completely finished with our sweet Spider Lily home by the following day.  We closed on our old house Monday morning and officially started construction on our new home.  Since then we have poured the foundation and they have started framing.  We have been meeting with our decorator at least once a week to make selects so we have everything ready to be ordered.  As of right now we are looking at (hopefully) getting in the new house just before Christmas.

In the mean time my incredibly sweet in laws have opened up their home for us to stay until our house is ready.  They are very brave to take on not only Brian and I but also our rambunctious child and pup! We are so thankful we have them and a place to call home for the next couple of months.We have gotten settled out here and all of the crazy busy seems to be winding down (After I make a trip to Buda this week to pick our granite slabs!)  I am just so happy to not be packing any more boxes and to not make my home presentable for potential buyers!  I already feel like I have so much more time on my hands and have even enjoyed a much needed nap several times the past couple of weeks!    AND FINALLY.... in between all of the moving and building fun we had our first doctors appointment August 13.  They confirmed that we are indeed pregnant and we are so looking forward to baby Barron #2 in March!  So far we have had a normal pregnancy with no complications.  I have been nauseous and have had lots of food aversions but nothing to complain about!  When I was pregnant with Brayden my right ankle swelled so bad and was so full of fluid it looked like the ankle of a 400 pound man!  Brian even had a nickname for it "the club" (I know, he sure knows how to make a pregnant girl feel good- haha!) I am drinking ALOT of water trying to prevent this from happening again, so far so good but who knows what is to come!  We go to the doctor again next week, it is crazy how much faster time goes by with the second!
I have been a horrible picture taker this month and am going to do much better in September!

Here is Brayden on the day they poured the slab, look at all of those great trees in the backyard!!!

First floor framed

 Cheers to September!!!

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