Thursday, August 16, 2012

Home sweet home

Those of you that know us well know that my husband Brian is in to building a new home ever 2 1/2-3 years, selling the old house, and of course MOVING!  Lot's of people say "how do you move so often" and I will admit it isn't easy.  The hard part to me is getting the house ready for last minute showings, keeping the house clean 24 hours a day, and this time having to be so flexible with baby nap times and feedings when people wanted to come and see the house.  Well the hard part is done!  We sold our house and the new homeowners are moving pretty quick!  They wanted to close in two weeks, so that means that we had to get packed and ready to move in 2 weeks!!!  Well after almost two weeks of lots of work and packing, we are ready to move on Saturday!  Tonight will be our last night in our home before we move in with Brian's parents while our new home is being built.  This time moving for me will be the most difficult.  I am extremely attached to this home for many reasons but mainly because this is our sweet Brayden's first home :( This is the home that we brought Brayden home from the hospital, the home where we have raised him for his first year of life, the home where he had his first Christmas, and the home where he has learned so many things like how to walk!  I love his cozy nursery and I love the little pathway through our closets that connect his room to ours.  I know that our next home will be just as wonderful and we will make many memories there as well, I just have to get through this move first!  Here is a little tribute to our home sweet home 2918 Spider Lily :)

The "secret" pathway from our room to Brayden's 
Brayden's first bedroom

My dear friend Allie painted this mural on his wall, can we take it with us??!!!
The day we brought him home, Brian was showing him around his new room

Our little family the day we brought Brayden home from the hospital, we are all finally home :)

 Well Brayden definitely doesn't seem to be sad about the move!  He has been having a blast exploring and climbing on all of the boxes and odds and ends that we have pulled out the past couple of weeks!

One of the greatest things about moving is getting rid of a bunch of junk!  We have thrown so much away and it feels great to get all of our things cleaned out!  We are so excited about the building of our new home which has already started and will be in the same neighborhood as our current home.  We are also excited to spend the next couple of months at my inlaws home in Fair Oaks where we know that Brayden will be getting plenty of attention and Brian an I will have free built in baby-sitters!

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  1. What a great tribute to your beautiful home! I love, love, love Braydon's nursery! The family picture of coming home from the hospital is adorable!