Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Day at the Ranch!

Last weekend we went with some friends out to their ranch in Bandera.  This place is a little boys slice of heaven!  There is so much land to run around and explore and little B had a blast!  Their kids are in first and fourth great and we are always amazed at how incredibly sweet they are to our Brayden.  We are just surprised they want anything to do with him at all! He absolutely adores them and loves playing with and following them around.  Here are some pics of Brayden's day at the ranch!

What is is with boys and guns??? Brayden had never even seen a gun before in his life and picked this (fake) one up like he owned it!!!

Of course he wanted to go for a ride on the mule

And found his favorite toy, the tractor!

Brayden and Colten
They had so much fun pulling and pushing each other around on these silly little things!

Cooper is such a sweetheart!

FAVORITE pic of the day!  Such a happy boy and sweet sweet smile!  

Needless to say Brayden needed a major bath and definitely conked out after we got home!  Such a fun day with great friends, thanks Kim and Tre for having us out!

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