Sunday, October 21, 2012

Progress :)

I am 20 weeks pregnant tomorrow!  Half way through my pregnancy already, it is seriously flying by this time!  I really started feeling and looking pregnant about 2-3 weeks ago when my bump finally started looking like a baby and not like I had just put on a few pounds!  I also finally started feeling baby move around 18 weeks and am feeling it move more and more as the weeks go on.  This is such a relief and I forgot how much I enjoyed feeling sweet baby kicks and movement.  We get to go to the Doctor for our big ultrasound on Tuesday and will be finding out babies gender then, we are SO anxious!  Along with all of the exciting progress have come a few of the unpleasant side effects of pregnancy... I remember the horrible heartburn that I had with Brayden (something I never get in my normal non-pregnant life!), well it has just shown up for the first time in this pregnancy.  Ummm, TUMS please!  And a big fat unfortunately, the water retention has started showing up again which means ugly uncomfortable swollen ankles-YUCK!  I do know however that it will all be over soon and we will have a sweet newborn baby to show for it all :)
*Please say a little prayer for us that all looks well on our ultrasound Tuesday and that baby is healthy and developing normally.

More great progress is happening with our house!!!  Brian is seriously busting his behind trying to get us in this house before Christmas and is doing an awesome job!  The sheet rock is up, the walls are now textured and ready for paint, the outside masonry has been started, and the trim is going to be started this week!  We have decided on and ordered probably 99% of things we need to build and it is so fun seeing everything we picked out come together and it looks so pretty!  Here are a couple of recent pics of the house:

Roof is about 95% done!

This is the same stone that we are using on the majority of the exterior

One of the brick walls

Exposed brick wall in our dining room, LOVE!

Rock wall between kitchen and dining

It's a lot of fun watching things come together and we are getting so excited about moving in and making this house our home!  Here's to more great progress!!!

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  1. Can't believe you're already 20 weeks! So excited to find out of Brayden will have a baby brother or sister :) The pictures of the house are beautiful!! Can't wait to see the finished product!