Thursday, November 1, 2012

ROAR! Halloween 2012

We thought this may be the last year that we get to pick out Brayden's Halloween costume for him so I wanted something adorable, cuddly, and still very baby!  I know that in the next couple of years there will probably be a lot of superhero's and masks that wouldn't be my first choice!!!  We decided on a lion because it was cute but also because Brayden does a pretty good lion roar that is hilarious!  We went back to our neighborhood where all of our neighbors get together for a big fun block party.  I know I say this all of the time but it is amazing how much more fun holidays are when you have a little one to enjoy it with!  Here are some pics of our sweet little lion :)

Within minutes of getting to the party our son (no surprise) found something with wheels to play with and proceeded to play with this scooter most of the evening!  

Just look at that smile!
SWEET Colten is so good with our Brayden!!!

Daddy gave him a ride
Sharing the scooter with pretty little Dylan
Another ride from Colt

And wipeout!  Haha!!
We realized poor buddy was sweatin in his suit so we went with the mane off most of the night!
Happy Halloween 2012
 Then we took Brayden for his time trick-or-treating!  It was so much fun to watch his reactions and see what candy he chose!!

Walking up to the first house

And buddy thinks that he needs to go inside!!!

A few tears when mommy made him come back outside!!!  After this house he got the hang of it pretty good!

Clinging tightly to his bucket! favorite of the day, love this precious face :)

Sweet boy had a Halloween hangover after a late night of partying he slept till 9 this morning, buddy needs his 12 hours!!  We got to eat his candy this year but I am sure next year Brayden will have something more to say about that!!!

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