Friday, November 2, 2012

Baby girl Barron!

We know of course that the most important thing is that we have a healthy baby at the end of all this!  However we have been anticipating this appointment from the day we found out we were pregnant again!!  We went to the doctor last week, October 23 for our big ultrasound screening where we would find out the gender of our sweet baby.  We have both been thinking we were for sure having another boy from even before we were pregnant.  All of the silly little gender predictor tests that we have done also say boy.  So we both had it in our heads that we were definitely having another boy!  Needless to say we were a bit surprised when the ultrasound tech said we were definitely having a baby GIRL!!!  I think I was more shocked than Brian and it it took me a couple of days to wrap my head around the fact that we weren't having another boy but a girl!  We are beyond excited and can't wait to see how different it will be raising a sweet baby girl!  I already went and ordered her bedding (yes pink of course) and am envisioning her whole nursery in my head!  The only problem that we seem to be having is agreeing on a girl name... We decided and agreed on Brayden from the very beginning but are having a very difficult time finding a girl name we both like!  Good thing we still have about 20 weeks to get it figured out :)  Here are a few pics from last Tuesday:

Before the ultrasound, and yes it actually was a coincidence that I was wearing pink and Brian blue
Sweet baby girl :)

So cool, look at her profile!

This one's the money shot, nothing between those legs!!!

Everything with baby girl looks great and she is right on track with where she should be to deliver on March 13.  I am feeling great and am enjoying this period before I get too big and uncomfortable!  We are on a once a month schedule right now and are heading back to the Dr. the week of Thanksgiving.  We are just so thankful that she looks like she is developing how she should and continue to pray for a healthy baby.

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  1. So excited for you guys! Can't wait to meet that beautiful little girl :)