Monday, January 28, 2013

Sterling's Baby Shower

Yes, we finally chose a name!!! Sweet baby girl's name will be Sterling Grace Barron :) It doesn't have any particular meaning to us we just played with a lot of names and finally agreed on and love Sterling!

Once Upon a Time...
On January 27th my very sweet and creative friends threw Sterling and I the most beautiful baby shower!  It was a storybook theme and everything was absolutely picture perfect!  Here are some pictures of the cute and crafty decor:

This diaper wreath on the front door matches Sterling's room decor beautifully!  It is hard to tell but it is made of diapers, lace, pink ribbon and the S has a super cool shabby chic floral pattern.  I bet my friend Kim didn't know when she was making it that it would be hung right above Sterling's crib in the nursery!!!
Entry way baby book, adorable book mark and gummy worm favors, and those balloons you see hanging have cutouts from different books-so cute!

Hot chocolate bar, my niece and nephew were definitely fans of this part! 

The yummy food set up
Look carefully at the books where they made up cute storybook names for all of the food 

Some seriously delicious homemade sweets!!!
Won't be long till mama will get to have a mimosa of her own! Ha!  

I absolutely adore this part!  So on the invitation they asked everyone to bring a book in lieu of a card.  They had book tags for everyone to write who the book was from to be placed in the front of the book.  Anyone that knows us knows that we read a whole lot of books around here so we were so excited to get some new (and girly) books to add to our collection.  I know these books were meant for Sterling but we have definitely been trying them out on Brayden, such a change from our truck and tractor books!!!  The best part is that for years to come we can read these books and look back and think of friends and family members who so generously gave them to us!  This is the "before" basket of books, I just wish I had taken an "after" picture with this basket completely loaded with books!  Such a cool and practical idea that we just loved!!!

Sadly, I didn't get pictures with every person who attended the shower but I did get some pretty good group shots.  I so apologize if you came and I didn't include a picture of you!!!!

The amazing group of ladies that threw us the shower  plus Gwen's sweet new baby Lauren and minus our poor sick friend Lisa!!!  Nancy on the far left is due with her second boy just a week after me!  So exciting to have so many new babies around!  THANK YOU girls so much for a wonderful shower!
My friends from high school :)
So glad to be living so close to Kim and Gwen and was blown away that Allie and Kristen (two of my very oldest friends from elementary school) drove in from Dallas, so great to get to see them!

My mom, sister, niece and nephew also drove in from Dallas, thanks y'all!!! Love you!!!
Brian's sister  Christi, Mamer Barron, mom, cousin Sarah, and Aunt Pam came to celebrate sweet Sterling too!  

Diamonds! :)
ADPi sorority sisters!!!  Fall 2000!
My family: mom, Aunt Kathey, Aunt Sally, Sister, Halley, Carson, and Aunt Rita all came too!

What an absolutely wonderful day shared with family and friends to celebrate the upcoming arrival of our sweet daughter Sterling!  So blessed to have so many amazing woman in my life and so thankful that you all came and shared this day with me!  I definitely came home with some adorable clothes, blankets, and much needed accessories to stock up her nursery!  Now we are just a little closer to being ready for her arrival!  

Here's to Happily Ever After!!! :)

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  1. Yay! I am so happy we went. It was so fun seeing everyone. Great shower!!