Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Birthday Surprise!

So Brian's favorite thing in the world is probably a good massage.  He works hard, is often stressed,  and is always asking me to give him massages!  So for his birthday I thought I would  surprise him and treat him to a really good massage at the JW Marriott (they have the most amazing spa that we love going to).  He is constantly surprising me with things and it is rare that I am able to catch him off guard.    So I had asked Brian's parents if they would come over on Saturday morning at 9:00 to take care of Brayden while Brian and I went and had our massages at 10:00.  At about 8:15 Saturday morning I went and told Brian that he had better get ready because we had massages scheduled.  I was so excited to see his reaction because I had been keeping this a secret for weeks!!!  You can probably imagine my disappointment when Brian didn't look excited at all but instead like something was wrong!  He said "we have a problem..." Brian had also scheduled us massages, facials, and gotten us a room at the Marriott for that night!  He just thought it would be nice for us to get away and do something fun and relaxing before Sterling gets here.  So we both had the same idea on the same day and had absolutely no idea until that morning!  The funny thing is that Brian had also asked his parents if they would come get Brayden on Saturday and take him for the night, they were supposed to arrive around 11:00.  So, this whole time Brian's parents were laughing behind our backs and just waiting for us to figure out that we were double booked and had the same surprise for each other!!!  Luckily the spa let us cancel our morning massages without charging us and we went ahead and went in the afternoon instead.  Well we had a wonderful day, awesome massages, a delicious dinner, and just an altogether relaxing day away.  It was so funny and crazy that Brian and I had the exact same idea for the exact same day and same place to do something that we rarely get to do.  I guess after almost 6 years of marriage we are beginning to think alike :) Not to be a big mush but he deserves a shout out once in a while,   I am so grateful to be married to such a generous and thoughtful man!  

Happy 32nd Birthday Brian!!!

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