Monday, February 18, 2013

Brayden at 21-22 months

It's crazy for me to think that this will be my last monthly post about Brayden as an only child!  Let's hope that Sterling doesn't rock this sweet boys life too bad!!!  Anyway, Bradyen only gets funnier and funnier everyday and always keeps us entertained!  He has so much energy and just runs himself till exhaustion both before naps and before bed at night.  Here is what Brayden is up to at 22 months (OMG in 2 months our baby will be 2 years old!)  
*Buddy is still picking up more and more words daily.  His absolute favorite word right now is tractor with truck coming in at a close second!  A lot of mornings when I go in his room to get him his first word will be tractor and he will point at the window.  Luckily there is so much construction around San Antonio so we are able to see tractors frequently!!  He also recently started saying I love you (sounds like "I wuv you") but it is the sweetest sound we have ever heard and it absolutely melts my heart!  Brayden has gotten really good at saying thank you when we give him things and is also getting better at using please, we are so proud of his good manners!  
*Brayden has gotten 4 new teeth in the past couple of months and we think that this explains some of the difficult phases we have been going through.  Brayden is usually a very happy, easy, fun loving child but lately we have had a couple of rough patches!!  He had just gotten very fussy, easy to anger, and extremely clingy a couple times and we kept thinking "where is our sweet child?!!"  Hopefully this little stage has passed for now and we are so glad to have our boy back!  
*Brayden still loves spending time outside and we have been so blessed by the most amazing weather these past couple of months!  Brian and I agree that the playground equipment is probably the best money we ever spent!  We usually spend an hour or two outside playing everyday after nap and before dinner.  Brayden loves to play on the equipment, play with balls, throw rocks and mulch, and he really loves to swing.  He will just sit there as you push him and will say "push" and "high" in the funniest little demanding voice!  Brayden also enjoys going for walks and for wagon rides and sometimes we will walk him over to the neighborhood park.  When we pull up he says "whee" because there are so many slides and I guess that's the noise he associates with slides!
*We still have Brayden in his crib and he is still such an awesome sleeper!  He gets about a three hour nap everyday after lunch, goes down for bed at night around 7:30 and usually sleeps till about 7:30-8:00 the next morning.  Brian and I crack up watching him on the video monitor because usually when he is ready to get up he jumps on the bed and makes all kinds of noise and yells mamma and dada!
*Brayden is still going potty on the potty every night before his bath and a couple of random times lately he has told us he needs to go and has used it then too.  Just a few nights ago he was in the bathtub acting really weird and I knew he had not had a number two all day so I asked him if he needed to go and he said yes.  I took him out of the bathtub, put him on the potty, and to my surprise he actually sat there the whole time and went!  When he got finished and saw it he said "uh-oh"!  We made sure to praise him like crazy!!!  We still don't think the is officially ready for actual potty training and we are taking it pretty slow but we are happy with the progress we have had :)
I'll let the pictures do the rest of the talking:

Crazy child is still a climber!

Of course cowboy boots and pajamas are always a good idea!

Brayden's four wheeler he got from our old neighbors The Oquins, he has his days but is still pretty unsure about it!

It is still the absolute sweetest thing in the world for me watching this baby sleep

Helping give Mia a bath!

Before we had shutters put on these windows in Brian's office this was Braydens favorite place to play with his cars and tractors 

Could play with these things all day!  It is so funny to us how it just seems like such an innate thing for little boys to make cars drive around the house and the sound effects and CRASH's that go with it are hilarious!

Halley and Carson came back in town for Sterling's baby shower, here they are watching cartoons in the morning together.  Brayden is on cloud 9!

In love with these two boys and their CHEESE faces!!!

Still lovin the trampoline!

Tractors in the sandbox

We leave him alone for 2 minutes and this is what we find!  He pulled down all of Brian's long sleeve shirts from the closet!

Some friends and I took the kids to Kiddie Park for the first time a couple of weeks ago.  This place has been in San Antonio for something crazy like 100 years and has recently had some updates.  It is basically a little amusement park for little kids 5ish and under.  All of the rides are little bitty and adorable.    The pictures crack me up because Brayden literally didn't smile once on any ride.  In fact all of the kids had very serious looks on their faces almost the whole time!  I know he liked it though because in between rides he would get excited and run to the next and happily climb on.  We all had a blast at Kiddie Park and will definitely be going back hopefully soon :)

Brayden and Evie taking a very serious boat ride!

Brayden and Evie with Hunt and Charlotte in the car behind.  Poor 14 month old Charlotte didn't appear to love this ride and cried the whole time!!!

Brayden's first carousel ride!

All of the kids :)

Me and my best boy :)

Yes I rode this ride with him because it seemed a little scary and yes I was definitely dizzy and maybe a little nauseous when we got off!  I am glad I rode with him though because the whole time he was digging his little fingernails into my leg!!!

Such a milestone for us!  After almost 2 years we finally turned Brayden frontward facing in his new car seat!  We all love it!!!
During wagon rides he often wants to get out and pull the wagon himself

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