Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pregnancy Update -35 weeks

I have been horrible about keeping good record of this pregnancy!  Not that I love little Sterling any less, I have just had less time to blog!  Since my last update back in December at 26 weeks I have gone back to the doctor for 3 more ultrasounds.  I am continuing to measure small and the ultrasounds have been showing that Sterling is measuring small so they have been wanting to keep a close eye on us.  At 30 weeks Sterling was 3.2 pounds and was measuring in the 16.9%.  The doctors start getting concerned when the baby is at the 10% or less.  Since we are very close to that number they went ahead and ordered another ultrasound for 3 weeks later.  Because it had not been a full month since our last ultrasound, at 33 weeks they just did a basic wellness check ultrasound.  On this day they did not do any measurements and only checked her breathing, movement, heartbeat, and the blood flow from the umbilical cord.  This was a really cool ultrasound because the tech mainly focused on Sterling's sweet little face.  It was just amazing watching her eyes open and close, see her little profile, and to watch her suck her little knuckles.  It was also really neat to see that Sterling has quite a bit of hair on that little head already!   I went back yesterday at 35 weeks for another growth check ultrasound and to start my weekly visits with my doctor. First things first, the ultrasound tech confirmed that Sterling is still indeed a girl (whew!  I have been having dreams that she is a he!!!!) The ultrasound also showed that Sterling is weighing in at a little over 5 pounds and is now measuring in the 19%.  I thought all of this sounded great and that we were starting to get on track but the ultrasound tech told us that her abdomen was only measuring in the 11%.    The circumference of her abdomen has been measuring small at every ultrasound and there doesn't seem to be any reason they can find.  The doctor said that they wanted to watch us even more closely and ordered a NST for yesterday and before each of our next appointments.  She also ordered another ultrasound in two weeks.  I asked her what we would do if Sterling's stomach continues to measure so small or worst case that it begins to measure even smaller.  She surprised Brian and I both when she said they would probably go ahead and induce at 37 or 38 weeks if Sterling does not appear to be thriving.  The NST went okay, Sterling was pretty chill for about the first 20 minutes and then luckily got really active there near the end.  When the doctor came in to check on us at the end she said she was glad Sterling had been so active all of a sudden because she was getting ready to send us over to L&D to have us monitored for another couple of HOURS!!!  We were so happy that we got to leave, Brian got to get back to work and I was able to go home to Brayden!!!  So we are just praying for sweet Sterling to continue to grow like she is supposed to and we are also preparing ourselves for the possibility of delivering a few weeks early.  We go back to the doctor next Tuesday and I will be sure to update then!  Until then please keep our girl in your prayers and that a growth spurt is coming her way!!!

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  1. I know that must be scary. My cousin had the same problem. They delivered her at 38 weeks because they thought she would do better on the outside. She was perfect! It took her a little while to put on weight the first month, but she has caught up just fine. Miss Sterling will be in my prayers!