Wednesday, February 13, 2013

36 week pregnancy update

We went to the doctor on Tuesday for our 36 week appointment and again this week had to see another doctor because mine was unavailable.  The NST went well this time and my stomach is now measuring right on.  We did not do an ultrasound this week but have one next Thursday so we will be able to see how Sterlings little tummy is measuring.  She checked me for the first time this week and I am 1 cm dilated and my cervix is starting to thin out, so very exciting that my body is getting ready after 9 months to finally have this baby!!!!!  The doctor that we saw this week had pretty much the same opinions as the one I saw last week that I should probably be induced at or by 38 weeks because Sterling isn't growing by leaps and bounds.  She said if I were her patient that she would schedule me for an induction and that she would send a message to my doctor regarding this.  Since I had not seen my doctor in several weeks, I had no idea if they were all on the same page.  Well sure enough my doctor called me later on that afternoon and scheduled Sterling's birthday!!!!!  If sweet baby Sterling has not come on her own yet (Bradyen was born at 36 weeks 6 days so its possible she may be early too!) then I'll be induced on Friday, March 1st!   I am so, so excited to know that no matter what I will be seeing my beautiful daughter's face in just over 2 weeks!  We are pretty much ready for her now, car seats installed, clothes washed, and all of the necessities have been bought.  Her room is still a work in progress but we are almost finished and I'll be posting pictures soon.  Can't believe we have almost made it through another pregnancy and I am sure these next 2 weeks are going to FLY!!!  Not getting any smaller over here and a I am pretty tired but overall feeling good at this point in my pregnancy.  I'll be sure to post another update next week after my LAST (it feels like I have had 100) ultrasound for this pregnancy!

Getting anxious, 

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