Thursday, February 21, 2013

San Antonio Stock Show and Rodeo 2013

Brian and I had a blast taking Brayden out to the rodeo for his first time!  We read so many books about different animals that Brayden had never seen in person so it was really cool for us to show him all of the animals!!!  As you probably know our sweet son is obsessed with tractors and if you have ever been to the SA rodeo you know that Brayden was in tractor heaven!!!!  There were dozens of tractors in every color and size imaginable and Brayden would get so excited every time we saw a new one.  The weather couldn't have been more perfect and the crowds were minimal so it was a perfect day to spend at the rodeo!  Here are some pics of our great day at the Rodeo :

I LOVE this!  Brian has a soft spot for pigs because he used to raise them in high school.  Brayden seemed a little stand offish at first but warmed up to all of the animals pretty quick!
That pig must seem HUGE to a little boy like Brayden!

Of course he finds the only wagon on the rodeo grounds!


Look at that face and imagine the sound effect coming from him!!

And OMGoodness was the petting zoo a zoo!!!  There were animals and kids everywhere!  It was so, so much fun though watching Brayden chase the different animals around!!! There were so many baby animals that were absolutely adorable and so much fun to pet!  At one point though I turned around and there was definitely a deer chewing a hole through my shirt, what's that about?!  

And last but not least, pony rides!!!!  This was definitely a first for Brayden and Brian and I were not sure how he was going to do.  He was so cute and looked like such a BIG boy!  He wasn't smiling but seemed to be enjoying himself :)

Brian stayed with him while he rode

Ride em cowboy!!!

LOVE this boy!!!!  

SUCH a fun day and so grateful to have this time with my two favorite guys!  

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