Sunday, March 3, 2013

Barron...Party of 4!!!

So tomorrow is the big day!  Tomorrow morning we go in to the hospital at 5 AM to meet our sweet baby Sterling!  Let me give a quick recap of our last couple dr. appointments...
*At 37 weeks we had our last ultrasound.  It showed that Sterling had a major growth spurt!  Her previous measurements just 2 weeks and 2 days early showed that Sterling was about 5.2 lb and her abdomen was measuring somewhere around the 11%.  Well at 37 weeks the ultrasound showed that she was  6.7 lb and measuring in the 30%, WOW!!!  This was great news to us and such a relief!
*At 38 weeks we finally got to see our doctor after seeing different doctors in the practice for the past 3 weeks.  The last time I had spoken to my doctor (which is the doctor who delivered Brayden and we love!) we had scheduled an induction for Friday, March 1st.  Since Sterling is now measuring a little better it was no longer necessary to induce her so early but we still wanted out doctor to be able to deliver her so we went ahead and scheduled our induction for the following Monday, March 4.  The doctor asked us what time we preferred 5,6,or 7AM and we told her we didn't care (assuming we would be so excited it would be hard to sleep anyway!) so 5 AM it is!  Tired as I am, I am second guessing this particular decision a little but on the bright side, the earlier we get there, the earlier we get to meet our baby girl!

We have been trying to do some fun things with our little man while he is still an only child and have had a great couple of weeks as a family of 3! We have gone on walks to the park, gone to dinner with friends,  and we went to the zoo last weekend.  Here are some pics of our fun day:

Giving kisses :)

Brayden was tentative to brush the pigs at first...

Then we couldn't get him to put the brush down!!

Brayden wore himself out running all over the zoo and we all had a blast!
Of course since we were at the zoo, we had to ride the zoo train!  Brayden has always liked trains but ever since we went for this ride Brayden has been way more interested in '"choo-choo's"

I LOVE this cheesy picture of my guys!

He was so excited!

But had this super serious face the whole time!!!

We had some fun with friends at Bigz:

One last pic of just me and my sweetest baby boy :)

It was a small miracle that we were able to get all the kids to actually look at the camera and stay put!

I am so super excited and anxious for tomorrow but strangely a little sad. I am going to miss feeling Sterling moving around in my belly and the feeling of having a miracle grow inside of me.I am, however, not the type of girl who loves to be pregnant and I am so incredibly excited to sleep on my stomach again-whoo hoo!  I absolutely love the way our little family is right now and the daily routine we have gotten into.  I, like most moms of course am nervous for Brayden and how he is going to transition.  Nervous that he will feel neglected or not as special... I am also nervous about going through labor again! Labor with Brayden was so smooth and somewhat easy.  I had no epidural and my recovery seemed like a piece of cake.  Sterling is a bigger baby than Brayden was but I am still hoping to go medicine free and also hoping the pain will be bearable!  We are excited to see my mom who is coming in town this afternoon so she doesn't miss anything tomorrow.  We will be taking Brayden over to his PaPa and GaGa's house after naps to stay for the next couple of nights where I am sure he will be spoiled with plenty of love and attention.  Thanks to everyone for all of their sweet words and well wishes!  We will be sure to keep you all updated on progress tomorrow.  

Going from a mama of one to two,

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