Monday, March 25, 2013

The Birth of Sterling Grace :)

What a day!  On March 4, 2013 we welcomed our second child sweet Sterling Grace into this world.  We had a scheduled induction for 5AM on Monday the fourth which put me at exactly 39 weeks.  We had been so anxious for days and I hadn't had any good sleep for about a week because I was so excited and in so much suspense (not to mention getting up 4-5 times at night to use the bathroom!).  I was up at 3:30, got showered and packed up some last minute things and we were on the road a few minutes late around 5:00.  
I didn't get many pictures of my pregnant belly this time around but here are a couple from my last morning of being pregnant:

We had such a great experience with our Labor and Delivery nurse when I had Brayden that Brian suggested we call and see if she was still around.  Well she was and she happened to be working on Monday so we requested her, not sure if we would be so lucky to have her again!

Here we are with Tanya who helped us deliver both of our babies!!!

Some of you may remember that I went "all natural" when going through labor with Brayden.  Well the pain was relatively mild most of the day and I only experienced about an hour and a half of hard contractions and of course the pain of actually pushing!  Since I am a major needle-phobe and fainter I would prefer to experience some pain than the poking, the numbness, the catheter, and potential embarrassing fainting.  I expected that my experience this time around would be very similar to the last and decided to go drug free again this time around.  Oh well was I wrong!  The fun started not long after we checked in with the nurse trying to insert my IV.  She tried not once, not twice, but it took a second nurse to come in and get the IV right the third try!  I had the pre-faint feeling for seriously like 45 minutes through all of the fun they were having bruising up my veins!!!  Once they finally got the IV in they weren't able to start me on the pitocin drip for a while because my blood pressure had gone down so low from all IV trauma!  At around 7:00 AM they finally got me hooked up to the pitocin to get my contractions going a little faster and a little stronger.  One of the reasons why we requested Tanya again is because she completely understood that we were interested in going natural and was a huge help in making that happen.  Instead of cranking the pitocin up quickly, which would result in faster and more painful contractions and a quicker delivery, she upped it very slowly and deliberately.  This way my body would slowly get used to the contractions getting stronger as the day went on.  Everything was going fine until about 10 AM when my contractions began getting much stronger and more painful.  I thought that I would for sure be having Sterling before lunchtime because I was in some major pain!!!  Several times as I was in the middle of an intense contraction, I tried convincing Brian that I needed some pain relief.  Unfortunately by this time the only thing they could give me was narcotics in my IV which may have resulted in a drowsy newborn which neither of us were interested in!  Brian was such an awesome support throughout the day and I definitely could not have made it through without him!  FINALLY at  2:02 we welcomed our sweet baby girl into the world born at 7.8 pounds and 19 3/6 inches long.   The good news was that I only had to push for about 6 minutes so this part was much easier this time!  Huge NOTE TO SELF and please remind me if I forget and decide to have a third child:  GET THE EPIDURAL!!!!!  :)  One of the very few positives of not being numbed by a scary huge needle was the fact that I was walking very soon after delivery and was able to get up and take a shower just hours later.  My body felt achy but great! Now here are some pics right after delivery:

And after all the stupid stress of worrying she was going to be small!   Perfect and healthy in every way!!!

They cleaned her up and gave her to me within minutes.  I was so relieved and happy that she latched right on and nursed without a problem!

Daddy holding his baby girl for the first time!

SO happy to see this sweet tiny face after almost 10 months of waiting!
About an hour after we had her, our anxious families got to come in an meet baby Sterling!
Grandma Torres drove in from Dallas

Excited Aunt Christi

Grandpa Rehkopf holding baby girl

GaGa and PaPa Barron holding their first Grandaughter 
At about 5:00, Brian got to go with Ms Sterling over to the newborn nursery to help give her her very first bath.  After she got cleaned up they had to keep her in the nursery for about an hour and a half until she was able to regulate her body temperature on her own.  

One of my favorites!  I love how genuinely happy Brian looks here :)

Brayden came up on Sterlings actual birthday but was only able to see her through the nursery windows because it was getting too late.  He went home with his GaGa and PaPa and came back the next morning to meet his sister.

Brayden did so great meeting Sterling!  He was interested in her and gave her several kisses.  He kept pointing out her hands, hair, and other features.  

Then we gave Brayden the present that Sterling "brought him".  He loved his new tractor and was immediately more interested in playing with it than his new sister!  

And then buddy got to have a piece of cookie cake!

More please?!  I think he liked it!  

Our amazing doctor, Dr. King came to see us and visit for a while.  She delivered both Brayden and Sterling.

GaGa Barron and both of her Grand babies!

Our first picture as a family of four, LOVE!!!
Brian and I spent two nights in the hospital getting to know our sweet baby girl.  We learned from last time to let the nurses take Sterling back to the nursery and bring her back every three hours during the night to nurse so that we were able to get some rest in between.

Then on Wednesday morning around 11:00 we were able to take our daughter home!

All set and ready to go for her first car ride!
After naps, Brayden's grandparents brought him home!!!

Brayden immediately ran up to see Sterling

Gave her lots of kisses!

And gave her the toy giraffe present he had for her!

Of course had to be inspected by Mia!

Brayden quickly found a pillow to sit on just like Sterlings!

Brayden really wanted to hold Sterling...I love the looks on both of their faces here :) they are going to be best buds!  
SO incredibly happy and blessed to be home with our two healthy babies,


  1. What a beautiful post!! I absolutely love the last picture of Braydon holding Sterling!

  2. So very happy for you!! What a special time!! You are going to love having the Big brother , little Sister combo. I was blessed with it twice and I love each of the bonds between my pairs...especially Jonas and Lorelei! Enjoy!

  3. Oh my goodness! I love her! What a great story. You are a rockstar for going without drugs. Can't wait to meet baby girl.