Friday, October 11, 2013

Sweet Sterling girl is 7 months old

I seriously thought I had a good baby when I had Brayden but oh man is Sterling the best baby!!!  She is so easy, so predictable, and seriously so happy :)  She is flying through all of her milestones in leaps and bounds and is so proud of herself.    Here is what my GF was up to this month:

*Sterling is still eating five times a day, she is getting about 3/4 pumped breastmilk and about 1/4 formula.  She is also getting solids twice a day, after her 11:00 feeding and after her 5:00 feeding.  She gets rice cereal or oatmeal along with a fruit or vegetable.  So far Sterling has tried sweet potatoes, avacodo, bananas, apples, butternut squash, and carrots.  The day she tried carrots for the first time she threw up so I think it will be a long time before we try that again!  
*Sterling continues to be an awesome sleeper.  We dropped her little evening nap and are now giving her a bath and bottle earlier and putting her down between 7:30 and 8:00 for the night.  She still sleeps till about 8:00-8:30 which is amazing!!!  She has two scheduled naps during the day, her first is usually from about 12-2/2:30 and her second nap is from about 4-5:00.  She is super easy to put down, we lay her in her crib (completely unswaddled now) and she sticks those sweet little fingers in her mouth, turns over on her tummy and is out!

I went to pick her up from the kids club at the gym the other day and this is what I found :) Poor girl was so tired!
 *Sterling just cut her first tooth (bottom left)!  This makes me kind of sad because I know that her little smile is about to change forever!  And...I forgot how much fun teething is, not!  She was a hot mess for a couple of days before the tooth finally came through!
*Sterling finally graduated from her kitchen sink bathtub!  She and Brayden now get their baths together in Brayden's bathtub.
*Sterling began crawling before she could even sit up but now can sit independently, but not for long before she is on the go again.  She is crawling faster and faster and now we never know where we will find her!

*Sterling is pulling up to standing....which means a lot of falling and a lot of head bumps!  She spends much of her time pulling up and often gets to her knees and just stays in that position for a while.

*Her favorite toys seem to be anything she can put in her mouth, or anything Brayden is playing with at that moment! She really likes to play with a little ball, she tries to put it in her mouth, it rolls away and she crawls after it over and over again. She has also been pretty entertained by the jumperoo lately but never spends more than about 15 minutes jumping before she is ready to get out.

*Sterling LOVES Brayden and Brayden kind of just tolerates Sterling...She always watches him smiling and crawls over to see what he is doing.  He definitely does not like her to touch him or his toys though so we have to redirect Sterling often.
*Sweet girl just has the best disposition, she is seriously always smiling.  She is very easy to console if she cries, simply picking her up usually makes her stop right away.  We are so blessed to have such a good, sweet baby :)

And we have found the tupperware cabinet

LEGOS are endless fun!

Daddy are you in there?!

Quit working Dad!!!

We took care of our friend's dog and Sterling LOVED him!  He was so sweet to let her grab and pull at his hair!

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  1. Awe such a sweetie! I can't believe how fast she is hitting all her milestones! She looks so big in the picture of her pulling herself up! They grow too fast!