Saturday, September 28, 2013

Brayden's first ever week of school!

Last Spring we very hesitantly registered Brayden for "school" this year. We visited several schools and found one we really liked very close to our house. We thought he would benefit from being around kids more in a structured setting where he could practice his social skills.  He is also so curious and is a little sponge just soaking up every thing he learns.  The thought also was that I would have a little bit of one-on-one time with my girl a couple days a week while he was at school.  The summer passed and I was second guessing our decision and DREADING his first day of school!!!  However, I will admit I had fun picking out and ordering all of his cute little school supplies.  We "talked up" school for weeks, showed Brayden where it is, and tried to build excitement.  When Brayden's nap mat was delivered we couldn't get him off of the thing!  He loved it right away and asked for it everyday.  

We had Brayden's meet the teacher night and supply drop off the week before he started.  I felt relief immediately knowing he was in good hands and knowing for sure he was going to LOVE it.  The minute we walked into his classroom he was running around playing with all of the toys and other kids in his class.  He was also definitely "that kid" who streaked through the room pushing a shopping cart as the teacher was trying to make her little speech to the parents.  I was now excited for him to experience school and all that goes along with it :) 

On his first morning of school I went in his room when he woke up and asked him if he knew what day it was and he answered "School!" with a huge smile on his face!  He was excited to finally get a chance to use his backpack and lunchbox and after a few pictures we headed to school.

Since Brayden has only been potty trained for a couple of months I was very nervous as to how he would do at school.  Well my fears were confirmed when we picked him up that afternoon and he was wearing his "extra change of clothes".  The teacher said that it just happened in the midst of all the excitement and it hasn't happened again since that first day. After school we took Brayden to get his favorite treat Orange Leaf!  He always chooses pineapple flavor for some reason!  

This boy has always been a good napper, he still takes about a three hour nap every afternoon so you can imagine how tired he was after his first day of school and no nap!  We let him lay on the couch and watch tv for about an hour and he just laid there watching Dora (his choice) in a trance.  He still has not napped at school but I have hope that he will soon!  We have just been putting him down early on school nights because he is usually full of meltdowns the rest of the afternoon.

Brayden has two teachers and there are twelve kids in his class.  He is in the "young two's class" so they all have birthdays within about six months of Brayden.  His teachers both seem incredibly sweet and we realized what a small world it is when his teacher told us she lives on our street!!!  He loves them both and seems to be having a great time.  He walks right in every morning, hangs up his backpack and lunchbox, and after we take him for a quick potty break he is off to play!  We are so relieved and happy that Brayden is doing so well and school and liking it so much.  Brian and I are always fighting over who gets to drop him off and pick him up because it is so much fun watching him interact with his teachers and friends.  I will say it is VERY quiet around our house on Tuesday's and Thursday's and I definitely miss my buddy all day until he comes home at 3:00.  We are excited for Brayden to have a fun filled year at school and hopefully he will learn a lot and make some new friends!

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