Saturday, September 7, 2013

Little S is 6 months old!

So hard to believe our sweet Sterling is 6 months old, half way from being a year old!!!  This girl has got to be the sweetest baby who ever lived and we absolutely adore her!  
Sterling was BUSY this month!!  Here is some of what she was up to:

We gave Sterling her first solids this month, some rice cereal, and she has also had bananas.  She doesn't really appear to love or hate it, she does eat well though. 

We started putting her in her walker this month and she likes it but only for short periods of time.  Then Brayden wants "Brayden's turn" and gets in this thing and runs around the house!  

Sweet girl is still getting kitchen sink baths!  We usually have to wake her up around 8:00 pm from her evening nap, then its a quick bath and her last bottle of the day.  She is usually in bed for the night around 8:45.  She is such a good sleeper now and we usually don't hear a peep from her until the morning.  I usually feed her first bottle between 8-8:30 in the morning.  I can not even explain how wonderful it is for us all to be getting a full night's sleep, I missed it so so much!!!  

We had Sterling's 4 month well visit at 5 1/2 months (oops!) and this girl would not sit still to get weighed!!!

I am still pumping and Sterling is no longer nursing.  I pump five times a day and Sterling takes five bottles a day.  We are having to give her some formula at night so that she has a nice full bottle before bed but I will continue to pump as long as my milk supply will let me!

Here she is after she fell asleep taking her bottle, SO SWEET
Sterling had a couple more firsts this month:

First ride in the grocery cart seat!
First swim!  She kicked her little legs the whole time!!!

AND....Girlfriend is officially crawling!  Just after she turned five months old she started scooting around a little and has gradually moved on to all out crawling!  Now you never know where you may find her or which one of Brayden's toys she will have in her mouth!  All she wants to do is get down on the floor and practice her crawling and it is so stinkin cute because she is so tiny!  One problem is that she is a little too young to be crawling and not quite smart enough yet... she is always running into things, bumping her head, and falling flat on her face, poor thing!  She is almost sitting up by herself but still tumples over and hits her little head often.  She will sometimes kind of sit up on one of her legs in between crawling.
On the Go:

Can you tell that Sterling is ALWAYS smiling?  She is seriously the happiest baby and very rarely gets upset and cries.  She is such an easy baby and lately has been a great sleeper, eater, and in a great routine.
And a few more of my favorites from the month:

She loves her Sophie Giraffe

Poor 2nd child, gotta get a nap in whenever she can!

LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this sweet baby girl :)

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