Saturday, September 7, 2013

August 2013

We started out our busy August with a weekend down in Port A, which turned out to be our last one of the summer!  PaPa took us in his boat across the channel over to our very own private beach and it was AWESOME!  The water was shallow for a long way and there were no big waves, sandy car, or sea weed to deal with.  We are so looking forward to bringing the kids back here in the future!

PaPa didn't catch any fish (surprise, surprise, haha!) but he did catch a shark, yikes!!!!!

We celebrated "Christmas in July" in August with the Barron family out on river in Seguin.  I wish I had more pics with more family from this weekend, Sterling and Brayden both got plenty of snuggles from all of Brian's Aunt's, Uncle's, Cousin's, and Grandparents.

At the dam with his best friend PaPa!

Brayden loves cousin Kyle and wanted to do everything he did!

Great PaPa Barron

I love this picture!  Look at the expressions on Mamer and Brayden, haha!!!  
Nash came to visit for a couple of days which is always entertaining!

Brayden and Sterling's cousin's came to visit and Brayden had SO much fun!  He loves them so much and it was great having them come stay!  

Brayden and Sterling took their FIRST bath together!  SO fun and so much easier!!!

Grandpa came and stayed...
Grandpa cleaned up ALOT of spit-up!  

We took Brayden to the dinosaur exhibit at the Witte and it was actually really, really cool!  They have ipads there that the kids can use to make the dinosaurs move and make noise.

picnic lunch at the museum!
Brayden had his first swimming lesson, he'll go once a week from now until December.  He did great his first time, a little hesitant but great.  The second lesson that he had this week is a whole different story!!!
He was in a total trance watching the other kids swim before he got started

Brayden had a lot of fun with his favorite girlfriend Dylan :)


Train ride at morgans wonderland.  Look at those faces, they are just taking it all in!

I can't wait till these two can really start playing together!  Right now Sterling just tries to get Brayden's toys and he quickly swipes them from her hand with a "no Ster-wing"!!!

And I'll leave you with some of my favorite pics of my boyfriend from this month.  He is so hilarious and because of Brayden there is definitely never a dull moment at our house!

Backyard bathtub...

Strategically placed plate?!  This guy is in the nude about 90% of the time when we are at home!

What's that mess?  Kale chips!!!  He loves them but they seriously make the biggest mess!!!

We had such a great summer!  Looking forward to a busy and hopefully cooler Fall :)

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