Monday, November 18, 2013

Sterling at 8 months

Sister was not very cooperative taking her eight month picture!  She nearly dove off the bench and chair a handful of times and is just way to active to sit still and get her picture taken (I obviously haven't trained her yet!:)) Anyway, here is what our baby girl is up to at eight months:

*Sterling is everywhere!  She spends her days crawling from one toy to the next, stopping to put something in her mouth and move on.  

We finally had to put the gate at the bottom of the stairs because we found her half way up two times, eeeek!  

*Sterling loves pulling up on anything but this little table seems to be her favorite.  She bangs on all the buttons and kind of bounces up and down to the music.

*She is becoming more curious and we find her in new places all around the house each day!

*Sterling cut her second tooth, right next to the first one on the bottom
*Girl loves her solids!  She is eating so well and especially loves cheerios and anything she can pick up and put in her mouth herself.  She is also a big fan of yogurt.  She is still getting a bottle five times a day but is getting a  little less in her afternoon bottles because I think she is so full from lunch.  She gets solids twice a day still at lunch and again at dinner.
*Daylight savings messed her schedule up for about a week, she had her first ear infection this month, and then she had two canker sores in her mouth so she had some sleep issues this month but we are finally back on track!  She goes down between 7:30-8:00 pm and has been waking up between 6-7:00 in the morning for her first bottle but goes back down after that and usually sleeps till about 8:30.  Of course as always I can't resist sleeping baby pictures…

Poor girl was in the back seat crying and I couldn't figure out why!  She finally gave in and just fell asleep!
*Sterling love, loves dogs and loves playing with Mia.  Mia plays with her a little and follows Sterling around hoping she has some food left on her shirt or that she might spit up!

*Sterling is also IN LOVE with Brayden.  She follows him around, plays with his toys, tries to crawl on him and he pretty much wants nothing to do with her!  "no ster-wing!" Luckily at this point she doesn't know any better and just goes on playing.  
*It has gotten a little louder in our house now that Sterling has started babbling!  Nothing very clear yet except of course dada!!!
*She is still such a happy little thing and a very easy baby most of the time, so thankful for this precious baby :)

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