Friday, January 10, 2014

Sterling at 10 months

Sweet baby girl was 10 months on the fourth :)

Girlfriend was not the least bit cooperative for this photo shoot...

And this about sums up how she felt about posing for a picture!!!
Here is what our little sweetie is up to at ten months:

*Sterling has become very independent, she will crawl around and play on her own as long as she is not tired or hungry.  She just goes from toy to toy all around the house!

This "toy closet" (AKA throw all the toys in and close the door so no one sees!) is one of Sterling's new favorite spots!

And another recent favorite, one that Brayden loved as a baby too...the tupperware cabinet!  Endless fun, and messes for mommy to clean up!!!

*Sterling is loving eating her solids on her own.  She is so good at picking up little pieces of food and her favorites seem to be pears, apples, bananas, and of course still cheerios and crackers.  She also LOVES yogurt and just sits there with her mouth open waiting for me to feed her more.  She has gotten to where she really prefers to feed herself and would rather not be spoon fed as much anymore.  I have also cut down the amount of formula that Sterling gets each day because she is also a lot less interested in her bottles

*Sterling has started holding on to the side of her crib and jumping up and down when we come get her out of bed.  This is crazy for me because it seems like just a few months ago when Brayden was still in the crib he was doing this exact same thing!  It won't be long till we will have to take off the pretty crib bumpers either because sister is already hiking her knee up.  The thing is that she really seems to love the bumpers because when we put her in her crib to go to sleep she crawls all the way to the top and buries her head/face in the bumper, it is so cute!

*She has definitely found her voice and spends much of the day shrieking and happily screaming at an obscenely high pitch!  This usually makes Brayden think that he needs to let out his little girl screams as well so there is never a quiet or dull moment at our house!
*Girlfriend is TOUGH!  She falls, bumps her head, gets hit and trampled on by her brother and may cry for a second but is incredibly easy to sooth and sometimes acts like nothing happened at all.  She is definitely a second child and also a little sister to a rough little boy!
*Sterling HATES getting strapped into her carseat!  She pretty much cries every single time we put her in the car but once we get her strapped in and give her something to play with she usually stops.
*She is almost impossible to dress, change her diaper, and give her a bottle....all necessities!  Sweet girl is such a little busy body that she does not want to lay still for anything!  We have to have something for her to hold or look at while we are doing anything so we can get these things done!
*She is still sucking those two little fingers and every time she does she has her other hand over her eyes and nose, I have never seen another baby do this and it is pretty darn sweet!

*Sterling is taking more and more steps each day, she will take four steps at the most before she plops back down to her bottom.
*She just cut her third tooth, top right.  Her smile is going to be changing again soon!

Oh we love this sweet gorgeous girl so much!  She is just the best little doll baby and we are having so much fun with her!

Sweet strong headed girl usually wants nothing to do with a headband on her head!  Usually they come off within seconds of me putting them on her which is incredibly frustrating since she has such little hair to work with!!

Won't be long till this sweet girl is a year old :)

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