Thursday, February 6, 2014

Sterling at 11 months

Well we are officially one month away from our baby turning one year old!

Here is what our girl is up to at 11 months:
*We reached a HUGE milestone this month!  Sweet girl is full on walking!  She spends most of her days walking around, picking up toys, and walking around some more.  She really likes to walk around with things in her hands.

*She loves to wave!  She waves all day long at anyone and everyone who will wave back which just makes her little face light up!
*We are slowly giving her more and more control of her own eating.  She is getting less formula in a bottle, some formula on her own from a sippy cup, and lots of little pieces of food for her to feed herself.  Girlfriend can eat too!  She is definitely enjoying eating all of these new foods on her own!

*Speaking of sippy cups!  Sterling now LOVES drinking out of a sippy and has gotten proficient at it as well.  Every time I give it to her she just lights up and it is always a lifesaver if she starts getting fussy!
We have to unbutton her pajamas so she doesn't slip all over in her footies!  Much better traction with bare feet :)

*Sterling had her second ear infection this month :( poor girl is such a happy and easily consolable baby and had a really tough time with this ear infection.  We just felt so bad for her and wished there was more we could do to make her feel better.
*We have had a bit of a hiccup mid-month with her sleep, starting when she had her ear infection Sterling started waking in the middle of the night again and I was having to go up and feed her at random times during the night.  She also had several days of bad naps which was no fun for anyone around here!  The past couple of weeks she has gotten back on a good schedule (thank goodness!) and is back to sleeping usually 7:30-7:30 with about a two hour nap in the afternoon

Baby girl usually wakes up all smiles :)
*Her afternoon nap has been kind of hit and miss lately, sometimes she will get a good 45 minute-hour nap and sometimes she will roll around and not sleep at all.  Either way she still makes it until her normal bedtime.
*Sterling has been saying "DaDa" for what feels like forever but this month she finally said "MaMa", music to my ears!  She still doesn't say it often and seems to say it more when she is crying but I'll take it when I can!
*Anytime Sterling hears music she starts bouncing up and down and smiles ear to ear
*Sterling loves her babies!  She will pick up dolls and stuffed animals and bring them to her face and give them a little snug.  She also has this very distinct high pitch sound that she makes when she sees or plays with her babies, so cute!
*Sweet girls disposition remains happy and very easy going.  She usually only cries when she is tired, hungry, or falls and hurts herself!
*Sterling is in to everything!!! She is constantly exploring and so curious

Counting down the days till this sweet girlfriends 1st birthday!!!

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