Thursday, February 6, 2014

January 2014

What a great month to start off the new year!  Here is what our little family was up to this January:

Brayden loves "waking Ster-wing up" in the morning and especially loves getting in her crib and playing with her.  He'll tell me "go do laundry mom" !!!
Brayden had his second dentist appointment this month.  I was a little nervous because he literally cried the whole time last time we went and was not very cooperative.  This time was completely different,  Brayden did wonderful and I was so very proud of my big guy!   The dentist was also very proud of Brayden for quitting his thumb sucking habit and can definitely already tell the difference in his teeth.  Both kids loved playing with all of the toys at the dentist and Brayden especially loved all of the "prizes" that he got when we were finished.

Our dentist appointment was followed with a happy meal and an ice-cream treat, such a fun morning with my special boy :)

These sunglasses were one of his prizes from the dentist!
 We have definitely been enjoying these unseasonably warm days this month and have spent as much time outside as possible!
Brian took Brayden to the monster truck rally this year for the first time.  The icing on the cake was that he got to go with his favorite friends Colten and Cooper!  What a fun day!  Sad I missed this one but it was "no girls allowed mom".....

Nothing better than these sweet snuggles
I was laughing while looking pictures of this month because anywhere you see Brayden, Sterling is not too far behind.  To say that she loves him is an understatement!  She simply adores him and it is so much fun to see them interact and play together!  Brayden is enjoying Sterling's company more and more each day.  He really likes playing with her in the playroom, the toy closet, and in daddy's closet.  Here are some pics of these two lovies hanging out together...

Such a great month, looking forward to a busy February :)

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  1. Such a fun day for you guys indeed! Nice to know that Brayden is calm and relaxed around dentist as most kids are anxious or hesitant. Taking care of our kids' dental health is a must since at a young age, their teeth are in danger of various infections. Thanks for sharing, Patti!

    Lon Hollman