Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Happy First Birthday sweet Sterling!!!

Today we celebrate our sweet Sterling's very first birthday!  This past year since her birth has seriously gone by so fast and I just look at Sterling and think "where did my baby go?!"  She is such a big kid now and has grown so so much... Here is what our sweetest girl is up to at 1 YEAR OLD!!!

*She plays with/tugs at her hair while she is taking her bottle
*Sterling is really into looking at and poking eyes, mouths, and noses, when she is supposed to be taking her bottle.  She also likes to play with and pull at necklaces and hair.  I think she just has a fascination with eyes because she always pokes at and plays with her babies eyes too
*She got her first pair of real "walking shoes" this month.  It took me forever to find a basic pair of white shoes for her that didn't have glitter or lights or flowers on them!  We found the perfect little pair of keds and they look so adorable on her.  They also make her look huge!!!
*Sterling loves playing outside!

Sterling loves crawling up slides!  It is so nice  taking her to the park now because she no longer spends her time eating mulch an rocks.

*This month separation anxiety has gotten a little worse.  If Sterling does not see or hear me she will walk around the house looking for me, sometimes while crying.  She cries about 50% of the time when I drop her off at the kids club at the gym.
*Sterling loves snuggling her baby while she sleeps.  When she is tired she will pick up any "baby" (what we call all stuffed animals and babies" she will bring it to her face and suck her two fingers with the other hand.  Precious...

*She has a noise that she makes when she is saying baby, it is this little high pitched sound that is so funny
*Sterling loves petting with and playing with Mia.  Mia is really good with her and also enjoys nipping at and licking Sterling's hands while Sterling laughs and shrieks
*Wherever Brayden is Sterling wants to be and whatever toy Brayden is playing with that is the toy that Sterling wants....This often leads to some crying from someone but we are becoming better sharers!  If Brayden doesn't want Sterling to take his toy he sometimes will give her another one and tell her "here Ster-wing, you can have this one".  Some days Brayden REALLY wants Sterling to play with him in the closet or upstairs and he will tell her "Ster-wing follow me, or yell STER-WING!!!!" They are starting to actually play together and it is just so exciting to see and so much fun for them to have each other to entertain!

*Sterling continues to have the happiest disposition.  Literally all you have to do is look at the girl and she smiles.  She is just a lover and so incredibly sweet.
*Sterling doesn't have the heartiest appetite but we are giving her more and more control of her own eating these days.  Over the past couple of weeks I have been giving her sippy cups at dinner instead of her bottle, I also have just started giving her the sippy at lunch as well.  She doesn't drink near as much so she is beginning to take a little more table food instead.  So for now we will continue to give her a bottle when she wakes up in the morning and then one more before she goes to bed at night.  We have just started introducing cows milk as well and we are up to about 50/50 milk and formula in her bottles.  She doesn't seem to mind the taste and she hasn't had any bad reactions either so that is good.

What a mess!!!!!
*Sterling sleeps pretty consistently from 7/7:30 pm-7/7:30 am, sometimes she will go through a rough couple days and get up at night and take a bottle.  Last night I gave her a bottle at 4 am....I am hoping it is just a new tooth coming in that is upsetting her and waking her up!
*She is a very strong walker and no longer crawls at all unless she is trying to go down stairs.  Sometimes she goes to fast and gets tripped up and falls but man this girl is tough!  She falls, gets hit by Brayden or one of his toys, gets bruised like crazy and rarely cries!
*She is very curious and into everything!!!

I guess she was hungry?  Found her in the pantry digging in to the cheerios!

*Sterling loves music and will often stand there and bounce up and down smiling when she hears it.
*She is not talking yet, still just saying Da-Da but she also walks around saying Ba-ba...which really could be anything, bottle, baby, ball all three things that she really likes!
*Sterling started clapping this month and continues to wave at everyone
*Sweet girl has just not grown very much hair!!! Brayden already had so much hair on his head at 1 put poor Sterling jus doesn't have much at all!
*Sterling loves being around and playing with other kids.  She does great at the kids club at the gym just walking around and finding new toys to play with

Sterling got into her first fight at the gym!!  I couldn't believe how mad I got when they came and told me someone had bitten my baby!!!!  Luckily it did not break the skin and she was over it pretty quick, so was I!

Oh Sweet Sterling, we love you to pieces and are so happy to celebrate you and your very first birthday today!

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