Monday, May 19, 2014

April 2014

Holy Mole, April was insanely busy!  Here is what our little family was up to last month!  And I apologize ahead of time for the picture overload!!!

Brian and PaPa took Brayden to opening day for the Astros.  I'm not sure who had the most fun and I think it was definitely a very memorable day for all three of them!

Brayden was so good on the car ride to Houston and slept almost the entire way back to San Antonio that night

Shortly after arriving they had to buy Brayden some Astros gear!  

Brayden does not like soda thankfully but is in love with lemonade these days!

Loves his Papa and to the left is PaPa's brother Uncle Doug that lives in Houston

Brayden had been talking about getting cotton candy at the game for weeks prior

I think he liked it :)

Both my boys on cloud 9

Brian said Brayden was SO SO good for the whole game and was  really entertained.  They stayed until the eighth inning before finally getting in the care to head home.   Brian said he talked about a mile a minute for the first few minutes before he finally passed out cold!

Sweet boy!  I know this is a tradition that he will look forward to for many years to come :)
I tagged along with Brian on a work trip to Phoenix and had a wonderful, relaxing couple days away. The kids stayed with GaGa and PaPa and they all had a great time as well.

One night we went to a Diamondbacks game
The gorgeous view from our balcony

Both kids were happy for sweet Dylan to come spend the whole day while her beautiful baby sister Blair was born.  Brayden and Dylan are hilarious together and have kind of a brother/sister relationship, they love playing together.

Grandma and Grandpa came for a visit and helped Brayden celebrate his birthday a little early.  I took a lot more pictures but unfortunately my sweet son wasn't wearing any pants so they aren't appropriate to post!

We got to keep Bexar and both kids were obsessed!!!  Sweet boy is so patient and lets the kids do whatever they want with him!  

We had a visit from Grandpa this month too!!!

We got season passes to Sea World for Christmas and went for the first time this season.  Brayden was really excited to get on all of the rides.  He gets so excited when he sees big roller coasters and he always says that when he is a "big kid" he is going to ride them.  He settled for the little kid rides this visit.  Sweet Brian got to be his partner and ride all the rides with him.  

Both kids loved all of the animals

No hands!!!

Sweet tootie watching Brayden and Daddy ride the rides

And of course we topped off the day with the Shamu show!  It was so funny, I think Sterling definitely enjoyed the show more than Brayden.  She sat in my lap and danced and danced, pointed and talked and just had a great time!   I think that was the longest she has sat still in a really long time!  

And here is what we have been up to around the house this month:

We have had several days of fun with Grandma's blow up pool.  It's funny, Brayden didn't want very much to do with this pool last year but slid over and over again this time.  Sterling did not even want to touch the thing and every time I would put her in she would cry!

Their new game in the trampoline is tackle!  Brayden gently "tackles" (Hugs sterling and falls down with her) and they both laugh and laugh!  Sterling gets sick of this game after a handful of tackles and usually asks to get out, I don't blame her!

Sterling learned how to climb up on the couch, chairs, this bench, and just about anything else there is to climb on

She then always proceeds to walk around scaring us half to death and mess with the lights or anything else she can find.  This girl is into everything!!!
These two sweets are playing together more and more everyday

They don't usually eat this close but Brayden said "I want to sit right next to Ster-wing!!!"
It's funny, up until this point I have had dozens more pictures of Brayden than I did Sterling just because he was doing so much more.  Well this month I have about a hundred pictures of our sweet girl!  She is just growing up and doing so, so much!

This is how she plays peek-a-boo~



She loves all stuffed animals and babies

She pretend feeds her babies and shares her drinks with them.  It is just so crazy to me that little girls are born with these instincts!
She climbs on this horse everyday and just goes to town!  It is hilarious!

She loves to carry my phone around and pretend like she is talking to someone

Is starting to figure out and love riding toys
Such a sweetheart!
What a FUN month!  Looking forward to a fun summer :)

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