Monday, June 2, 2014

May 2014

Another busy month!  Lots going on this May!  I must have taken a million pictures so I'll let them do the talking :)

Brayden's school had a little mothers day program where they sang some songs followed by juice and cookies.  It was so sweet and such fun!  Looking forward to many years of events like this!
Brayden was kind of all over the place and preferred to watch the girls behind him sing (they were VERY animated) rather than participate in much of the singing!

The beautiful journal he gave me :)
We spent the Saturday before mothers day doing one of my favorite things, spending time at La Cantera and a little dinner on the patio

We spent mothers day morning at church.... Our sweet Sterling is making church near impossible for us lately.  She simply will not stay in the church nursery (she screams and cries inconsolably) and walks around bothering everyone and everything in the cry room!  This particular morning I had to just let her go outside and run around.  Brayden on the other hand is an angel in church, so much that the priest came down and complimented him.
After church we headed over to Brian's parents house for a great relaxing day with family.

The reason I get to celebrate mothers day :) Adore being a mommy to these sweet babies

GaGa with her big babies (just missing Uncle Keithy)

GaGa and her Grandbabies

Brayden had his last day of school :(  He had SUCH a wonderful experience his first year in mothers day out and it could not have gone any better.  We will definitely miss his teachers and friends and look forward to going back in September.  However, I am so glad to have my buddy all to myself and to not have a schedule to live on for the next couple of months.

Here he is on his first and last day of school:

Sterling wanted to join in on the photo shoot

Brayden with his sweet teachers Ms Jasmine and Ms Trina

 A couple weeks ago I went to pick Sterling up from the kids club at the gym.  The girls informed me that sweet Sterling wanted to go in the baby room.  I go in and find my girl in one of the baby swings along side three tiny babies just swinging and holding onto a little stuffed animal.  They said she just kept going in there and climbing in the swings.  So we got home and I pulled our baby swing back out and ever since both kids have been entertained with it!  Who would have thought?!

Here are just a bunch of randoms from here and there this month:

Sterling now climbs on EVERYTHING
Sweet daddy doesn't mind eating his meals with Brayden at his "big boy table"

Sterling is finally taking more interest in books, she will actually sit still for a story and will even bring us a book and sit in our lap waiting to be read to.  

I just can't get enough of how sweet these babies look when they sleep.  Tootie girl has to have her baby and sleeps with her two fingers in her mouth and holds the baby over her face

Brayden always loves a trip to whole foods, his own cart and lots of samples!

Sterling loves this car lately!

Pic taken after she dumped out, played in, and possibly drank some bubbles...

Feeding the fish!

Brayden got a haircut this month and for the first time he chose to sit in the big boy chair rather than in one of the little cars that he has always sat in.  Admittedly it was kind of sad for me watching my baby take this small step toward becoming a big kid.

Enjoying our time at the neighborhood pool

Brayden up to no good!  Looking for a sucker!

These two are so funny together!  They have been spending a lot of time playing in Sterling's doll stroller.  Sometimes Sterling will just climb in and start fussing because she wants to be pushed

Brayden is so proud of his garden!  He and Daddy have been spending a lot of afternoons in the garden and have already had lots of success!  He comes back in the house so happy and can't wait to show me all of the vegetables he brought in.

Silly boy always wants to get on this "ride" when we go pick up diapers at babies r us
We spent another great afternoon at Sea World

Sterling is just not too sure about the water yet, I think it is just a little cold for her!

Brayden on the other hand LOVES IT!  He had the best time running around and playing in the splash park :)  

Carousel rides!
Memorial day was so rainy and gross this year but we made it work with some great neighborhood friends :)

Brayden loves his very patient buddy Colten, he kept wanting to give him hugs!

Sweet Cooper pulled Sterling all around the house in Brayden's truck

And ice cream cones for everyone!!

And my two favorites from the month of my two favorites :)

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