Sunday, June 29, 2014

Happy Fathers Day 2014

We sure are blessed to have great dads to celebrate this Father's Day and of course our kids are the luckiest to have Brian as their Daddy.  We spent Father's Day as we always do with family down in Port Aransas for the weekend.  Here are some pictures of our fun Father's Day weekend :)

Our Traditional (kinda messed up) Cookie Cake

We are so fortunate to get to enjoy this stunning view when we go down to the coast:

Both kids got to spend plenty of time with GaGa, PaPa, and Aunt Christi!

We spent ALOT of time at the pool.  Brayden is doing so well with his swimming lessons and we are taking every opportunity we can to practice!  Sterling has also really warmed up to the water now and loves to splash around and crawl on her tummy.

Practicing his "Superman"!

And the highlight of Brayden's weekend was going fishing out on PaPa's boat and of course catching fish!!!

While they went out fishing, GaGa and I took Sterling for a walk over to the beach.  Sterling always gets really excited when she sees birds so I thought she would enjoy feeding the birds on the beach.  I didn't realize just how friendly those beach birds are and they got a little too close for comfort!!!  I don't think Sterling knew quite what to think and may have been a little overwhelmed with all the closeness and noise (admittedly so was I!)  Thanks for all of the great pics GaGa!

Another great Fathers Day and fun weekend down in Port Aransas, looking forward to spending more time down there this summer!

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