Sunday, June 29, 2014

And baby makes 5....

Yes, we are having a baby!  One more to make our little family complete!  I am due October 29 and we are so excited about our family expanding once again!  We wanted this baby to be close in age to our other kids so we got pregnant pretty quick, just a little before Sterling's first birthday.  We told Brayden the "secret" first and he definitely had no problem telling the world (his teachers, the girls at the gym, some friends...) We officially announced to most of our families on Sterlings birthday when Brayden stood up on the counter and said "Mommy's going to have a baby!!!"

This pregnancy has been easy like my other two pregnancies with the exception of my energy, which I have had none!  I am so happy that within the past couple of weeks my energy is back for the most part and I don't feel completely exhausted all day long!  I had the same kind of nausea and food aversions the first couple months as I did with my other two pregnancies.  No throwing up, and nothing a little raman, cereal, and crackers couldn't cure!  The only real annoying pregnancy symptom I am having are the hideous spider veins which are rapidly growing on my right leg... Just in time for summer, yay!  I had none with Bradyen, only a couple with Sterling which went away right after birth, but they are back with a vengeance this time!!  I am also feeling hotter than ever and I keep asking Brian whose idea it was for me to be good and pregnant in the heat of the summer!:)  We started feeling baby move pretty early this time and even Brian was able to feel from the outside as early as 18 weeks which was pretty cool.  That feeling is just a feeling that is so sweet and that you never forget!

We had our big 20 week ultrasound a couple weeks ago and were so relieved and happy that everything looks great with baby.  We decided from the beginning that since we already have one of each that we would let this baby surprise us at birth so we won't be finding out the gender until then!

We have always had the ultrasound tech take our picture when we are finding out the sex but since we weren't going to find out I just had them take a picture so this sweet baby didn't feel left out!
 And some pics of baby :)

I don't think that it would ever get old watching sweet baby inside during an ultrasound, it is simply amazing and emotional every single time.  Such a sweet, sweet miracle!  

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