Friday, August 1, 2014

June 2014

Seriously, how is June already over?!  This summer seems to be flying by and we will be back to school before we know it!  
Here are a few pictures of what we were up to this June:

Grandpa came by for a couple visits, Brayden especially likes it when Grandpa reads to him and plays basketball with him

Grandma came from Dallas for a couple days and both kids had such fun playing with her, especially hide and go seek!!!  We spent a fun day at the zoo one morning:

Both kids are such animal lovers

We spent a fun weekend with the whole extended Barron Family for "Christmas in June" down at the Guadalupe River.  Both kids had a great time and enjoyed all of the extra attention.  We spent a lot of time at the pool which was perfect for Sterling and Brayden had lots of fun playing washers and bean bag toss with family.  I always start out with the best of intentions of getting lots of great pictures of the weekend and pretty much got a couple shots of the first day...
We had the greatest patio with a nice breeze and pretty views where we spent quite a bit of time
Brian and Brayden have a "best friends" song that they made up and sing so when I saw these shirts I knew they were meant for my boys!  We got these for Brian for a fathers day gift and I think they are just too cute!

Snacks on the patio

Sterling now shares Brayden's love for playing with balls and is working on throwing and kicking

Brayden just thinks the world of cousin Kyle and he had so much fun getting to  play with him some
Of course both kids got plenty of time with their GaGa and PaPa

Bedtime stories :)
Lately when we go out of town we have been letting the kids share a room.   Usually the first night is always a little interesting and then they get settled in and do fine the rest of the time.   Sterling of course sleeps in her pack-n-play and Brayden sleeps in the bed.  The first night was pretty rough getting them down way past bedtime and they were both wound up!  We listened to them scream and play with each other for close to an hour before they fell asleep!  Then Sterling dropped her beloved baby from her crib and screamed until we came and got it for her, it was a miracle that Brayden slept through that!!!  

Finally, my favorite pictures from the month!  It has been so amazing watching our two sweet children become friends playing and interacting together more and more.  Sterling just thinks the world of Brayden and Brayden enjoys Sterlings company a little more everyday.  

*Lately Brayden will request that Sterling sit "right next" to him when they are eating
*Brayden loves "waking Sterling up" in the morning and always wants to go first into her room.  He barges in and says "Hi Tooootie!" she just sits there in her crib beaming at him
*Sterling loves giving Brayden kisses and some days Brayden will reciprocate 
*Brayden gets excited when we tell him that Sterling is going to be sleeping in his room at the coast etc.  and gets upset when we don't let her sleep with him during naps
*Brayden still loves playing "tackle" with Sterling in the trampoline and anywhere else we will let him
*Brayden loves getting in Sterling's crib and playing with her every morning

Sweet kisses in action

When Sterling kisses Brayden she always grabs him by the hair and pulls him in!

This turned into a full on bath on the back porch!

We have caught Brayden on more than one occasion lately "reading" to!

So looking forward to watching their relationship continue to grow as they get older.

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